Who makes best wetsuits for scuba?

10 Best Diving Wetsuits in 2022
  • Mares Flexa Full Wetsuit.
  • Cressi Castoro Wetsuit.
  • Scubapro Everflex Steamer Wetsuit.
  • Henderson Thermoprene.
  • NeoSport Premium Wetsuit.
  • Seavenger Alpha Neoprene Fullsuit Wetsuit.
  • Hevto Guardian II Neoprene Full Wetsuit.
  • Bare Velocity Full Wetsuit.

How thick of a wetsuit do I need scuba?

80 to 85 Degrees 2 mm shorty to dive skin
73 to 79 Degrees 3 mm fullsuit to 2 mm shorty
66 to 72 Degrees 5 mm to 3 mm fullsuit
50-65 Degrees 8/7 mm semi-dry to 7 mm wetsuit
50 Degrees and Below 8/7 mm semi-dry or drysuit

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Should a wetsuit be tight or loose?

How Should a Wetsuit Fit? In general, a wetsuit should fit snugly, like a second skin but not so tight that your range of motion is limited. The sleeves (if full-length) should fall at the wrist bone and the legs just above the ankle bone, and there should be no gaps, pockets, or rolls of neoprene.

Is it better to size up or down in wetsuits?

You may need to size down or size up depending on how the suit fits, but it will give you a good starting point. *An important thing to remember is when looking at a wetsuit size chart, always go off of the chest measurement first (and no, this does not mean your bra size), followed by your height and weight.

Do I need a wetsuit in 74 degree water?

The range of 50 to 78 degrees is therefore the ideal range for using a wetsuit. Any warmer, and the swimmer may actually overheat due to the wetsuit’s insulative qualities.

What wetsuit do I need for 65 degree water?

Wetsuit Thickness and Temperature Guide
Water Temperature (°F) Wetsuit Thickness Type of Wetsuit + Accessories
65°F-75°F 0.5mm to 2mm Jacket, spring suit
60°F-65°F 3/2mm Full suit
55°F-60°F 4/3mm Full suit + booties (optional)
50°F-55°F 5/4mm Full hooded suit + booties + gloves or mittens

Is 5mm wetsuit too thick?

A 5mm wetsuit for winter in most locations is fine, especially when couple with boots gloves and a hood. The Ultimate winter suits have built in hoods, so if you’re surfing where we do, or in colder than usual locations this kind of suit is the answer.

What do you wear under a wetsuit?

You can choose from a wide variety of undershirts, but a rash guard or compression shirt makes for a good first layer in colder waters. Like diving shorts, they provide an extra layer of warmth and protection from wetsuit chafing.

What water temp is a 5mm wetsuit good for?

62.6°F – 69.8°F

How cold can you go in a 7mm wetsuit?

Summary: 75 (25 C) – 70 (21 C) Degrees: 5mm full suit. 70 (21 C) – 65 (18 C) Degrees: 7mm full suit + hood. 65 (18 C) – 60 (15 C) Degrees: 7mm full suit + over-suit + hood + gloves.

What thickness wetsuit for Florida?

For most of Florida, a 3mm wetsuit will be a good choice all season long. For the northern region where water and air temperatures get much colder, a 5mm or possibly even a 7mm would be an ideal wetsuit.

Is 7mm wetsuit too thick?

First, there’s the personal.

The Perfect Wetsuit Thickness for Every Water Temp.

73 to 79 Degrees (22-25 C) 3 mm fullsuit to 2 mm shorty 5 mm to 3 mm fullsuit
66 to 72 Degrees (18-21 C) 5 mm to 3 mm fuillsuit 7 mm to 5 mm fullsuit
50 to 65 Degrees (10-17 C) 8/7 mm semidry to 7 mm wetsuit Drysuit

Should you size up in wetsuits?

Wetsuits fit tighter than clothing, and the wetsuit size will usually be one or two sizes bigger than clothing.

How much weight do I need with a 7mm wetsuit?

A 3mm wetsuit may only require 6 to 8% of your body weight in lead whereas a 7mm, wetsuit, or dry suit could require 10% of your body weight or more depending on your undergarments.