Which Bahama island is best for scuba diving?

The Grand Bahama Island is not only one of the scuba diving destinations in the Bahamas – it’s one of the best in the world. Located toward the northwestern tip of the Bahamian chain, this island gives Bahamas divers an opportunity to see dolphins and explore shallow wrecks.

What is Eleuthera best known for?

Eleuthera is known for its magnificent beaches and its laid back Bahama charm. Shock clear turquoise and blue colored waters ring this 100 mile narrow strip of land providing a number of tropical vacation activities.

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What are two things Eleuthera is famous for?

Eleuthera is home to quite a few remarkable ones, including Sapphire Hole in North Eleuthera, and Ocean Hole in Rock Sound. Jacques Cousteau himself came to Eleuthera to play and explore its blue holes.

Is Eleuthera Bahamas touristy?

Eleuthera. While it’s best to avoid the Instagram hot spot of Harbor Island and its pink sand beaches, the rest of Eleuthera remains relatively untouched by tourist hordes. The island’s hard to reach beaches are more than worth it.

Why do people visit Eleuthera?

Eleuthera is known for its many “elusive” beaches, including world-famous Lighthouse Beach, Twin Coves Beach, Double Bay Beach, French Leave Beach and so many others. This variety is one of the many reasons I love Eleuthera — I know that as long as I live, I’ll never see every inch of the island.

Why is the sand pink in Eleuthera Bahamas?

The almost indescribable pale pink color of the sand comes from microscopic coral insects, known as Foraminifera, which have a bright pink or red shell full of holes through which it extends pseudopodia, footings that it uses to attach itself and feed.

What is the nicest area in The Bahamas?

The 5 Best Parts of the Bahamas
  • Nassau: Best for budget travelers.
  • Paradise Island: Best for families.
  • Exuma Islands: Best for first-time visitors.
  • Grand Bahama: Best for partying.
  • Eleuthera: Best for nature.

Which Bahama island is least touristy?

Cat Island is one of the least frequented and the most beautiful of all the Bahamas out-islands. While it offers outstanding diving off its south shore, this remote island has hardly been touched by tourism, making it ideal for those seeking the ultimate in peace, and unchartered territory.

What is the prettiest beach in the Bahamas?

1. Tropic of Cancer beach, Exuma. Also called Pelican Beach, Tropic of Cancer Beach is the longest beach in the Exuma Chain. Located on little Exuma, some describe this beach as the most beautiful beach that they have ever seen with its super blue waters and calm surroundings.

What part of the Bahamas has the clearest water?

The Exuma cays are a collection of tiny jewels set in the most beautiful water you’ve ever imagined. The water between them produces some of the Bahamas’ most exquisite shades of turquoise, ultramarine, cerulean, and azure.

Where is the bluest water in the Bahamas?


Exuma is an archipelago of 365 islands surrounded by sapphire blue water.

Do great white sharks swim in the Bahamas?

You will not find a great white Shark at the beach in The Bahamas. Very misleading title trying to use some people’s fear of sharks just to get clicks.” Upon further investigation, beachgoers can rest assured there is no threat of a great white shark encroaching on Bahamian beaches.

Which Bahama island has the most sharks?

The waters off the Bahamas are said to invite over forty species of sharks and as a result, the archipelago is renowned as the shark capital of the world. In particular, the Cat Island of the Bahamas hosts the largest aggregation of whitetip sharks in the world.