What is a South Pacific boat called?

The most likely answer for the clue is PROA. We found more than 1 answers for South Pacific Boat. Enter Known Letters (optional) Length.

What is a long narrow strip?


What is and others in Latin?

The crossword clue And others, in Latin with 6 letters was last seen on the May 12, 2021. We think the likely answer to this clue is ETALII.

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Is OK a Latin word?

OK (spelling variations include okay, O.K., ok and Ok) is an English word (originating in American English) denoting approval, acceptance, agreement, assent, acknowledgment, or a sign of indifference.

What are common Latin phrases?

Common Latin phrases you heard at least once
  • Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered.
  • Alea iacta est. The die has been cast.
  • Carpe diem. Seize the day.
  • Cogito, ergo sum. I think, therefore I am.
  • In vino veritas. In wine, there is truth.
  • Et tu, Brute? “And you, Brutus?”
  • Acta, non verba.
  • Carthago delenda est.

What does Latin esse mean?

Medieval Latin, from Latin, to be, exist.

What is among other things in Latin?

Inter alia is a Latin phrase that means “among other things.” So your grocery list may include bread, milk, and cereal, inter alia.

What does et al mean in English?

Revised on September 1, 2022. “Et al.” is short for the Latin term “et alia,” which means “and others.” It is used in academic citations when referring to a source with multiple authors. Example: Using “et al.” Hulme et al.

What’s your ETA means?

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival.

Can you use et al in a greeting?

Use it in an email greeting by saying, “Dear Mr. Smith et al.,” when there is more than one recipient. For punctuation, always follow the abbreviation with a period since it’s short for “et alia” or “and others.”

What does B mean in texting to a girl?

“B” is short for “baby” or “babe”.

What does C mean in texting?

Hopefully, it’s pretty easy to c why c can stand for “see.” In addition to being used on its own, c is used to mean “see” in other chat and text acronyms, such as IC and cya. While s can also stand for “see,” such as in the acronyms SYS and IYSWIM, s never means “see” when used on its own.

What does D mean in texting?

Summary of Key Points

Very Happy” is the most common definition for :D. on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. :D. Definition: Very Happy.

What does V mean in text?

V is an abbreviation for “very” that is commonly used when texting or chatting online to add emphasis to an emotion or exaggeration to an opinion. It can be confusing as it is often mistaken for a spelling error or the Roman numeral “V” for 5.

What does P mean in texting?

The term /P is a tone indicator that stands for “platonic.” It’s just a way for clarifying that you’re not being flirtatious or sexual while texting.

What does 3 mean in texting?

The emoticon <3. means “Love” or “I Love You.” The characters < and 3 (which together mean “less than three”) form a picture of a heart on its side and are used as an emoticon, meaning “love” or “I love you.” For example: Sam: <3.