How long is boat from Sorrento to Positano?

How long is the ferry ride from Sorrento to Positano? The Sorrento – Positano ferry trip duration is between 20 min and 1 hr 25 min.

How much is the boat from Sorrento to Positano?

Price of ferries from Sorrento to Positano

The full ticket for the single route starts from around 17 euros.

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Is Sorrento better than Positano?

Sorrento tends to be the best choice for budget-conscious travelers, Positano for those that want the quintessential Amalfi experience and Amalfi for those who want a quieter stay. However, there are a lot more factors to consider when choosing where to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

Is Positano or Amalfi better?

Overall, Positano is definitely better than Amalfi.

Both cities will take your breath away. But, because your expectations of the Amalfi Coast will likely be more fulfilled by Positano than Amalfi, Positano is the winner.

Do you need to book Amalfi ferries in advance?

You do not need to book in advance, you can indeed just turn up, buy a ticket and get on. We enquired about tickets to Sorrento and Salerno, and in fact it is not possible to buy advance tickets at the pier (you might be able to buy tickets on a website?), not even on the day before travel.

Do you need to book ferries in Amalfi Coast in advance?

In order to find the cheapest ferry tickets and get the most of offers and discounts, we recommend that you book your ferry tickets in advance.

Do I need to book ferry in advance Amalfi?

Do I need to reserve my ferry ticket ahead of time? No, you can easily purchase your ticket directly at the port up until a few minutes before departure.

How many days do you need in Sorrento?

With 4 days in Sorrento, you will be able to see all the best things in Sorrento, sample the Amalfi Coast, and even take a day trip to Capri and Pompeii.

How many days do you need in Positano?

Located on the UNESCO-listed Amalfi Coast, Positano is an ideal base for discovering coastal villages, the Bay of Naples and the Sorrento Peninsula. Three days gives you time to take it all in, especially if you use tours and day trips to help maximize your time.

What months do the ferries run in Positano?

Ferry routes to and from the Amalfi Coast usually run from April to October. The Sorrento – Positano – Amalfi route begins running in mid-May. During winter season, the only active ferry routes are those between Sorrento and Naples, and Naples or Sorrento and the islands.

Is Positano worth a day trip?

The best way to visit Positano is definitely to spend there at least 3-4 days/nights because it has lots of things to offer you. But, it is also totally worth it to visit Positano in one day. Even though the whole Amalfi Coast is gorgeous, Positano is somehow unique and special.

Is one day enough for Positano?

While one day in Positano is never enough, this one day in Positano itinerary will guarantee you a marvelous day trip. In just one day, you will get to dive into the true lifestyle and culture of the Amalfi Coast — from the irresistible restaurants and friendly locals to the unmatched beaches and Amalfi views.

Is Positano worth the hype?

Yes, Positano worth the hype!

But if you are traveling on a budget, don’t rent a car, rather come by train and the SITA bus. Then, don’t stay in Positano, find accommodation in Sorrento or Piano di Sorrento. Honestly, you can totally travel to Positano on a budget, there are plenty of tips that can help you!

Why is Positano so popular?

What is Positano Most Famous For? Positano is famous for being a scenic seaside paradise in Italy. You’ll be blown away with the colourful, cliffside villas overlooking the sunny Amalfi Coast. The sound of waves crashing against the pebbled shores is heaven for beach lovers.

How much is taxi from Positano to Sorrento?

The quickest way to get from Positano to Sorrento is to taxi which costs €20 – €25 and takes 21 min.

Can you do Sorrento and Positano in one day?

Wonderful destinations such as Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento aren’t so far away from Naples. If your time is limited, you can take a day trip and visit both the Amalfi Coast and picturesque Sorrento in one day!