What date is Henley Royal Regatta 2022?

Henley Royal Regatta 2022 – 28 June to 03 July – The Oxford Magazine.

Is the regatta going ahead 2022?

The 2022 Royal St. John’s Regatta will take place on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 – weather permitting.

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How much are tickets to Henley Regatta?

For non-members, tickets can be purchased for the Regatta Enclosure. These tickets cost £18 for the first two days of the Henley Royal Regatta, £24 for the third and fourth days, and £21 for the fifth day. Discounts on Henley Royal Regatta tickets are available for family groups for the Regatta Enclosure.

Can you watch Henley Regatta for free?

There are two “Enclosures” or viewing areas for watching the race. Since the Regatta owns most of the riverbank and parking area on the Oxfordshire side and some of it on the opposite Buckinghamshire side, you really do need to buy a ticket to see the race.

What is the draw for Henley?

The draw is a public event that takes place in the Henley Town Hall, normally at 3 pm on the Saturday before the regatta.

What is the Henley Royal Regatta?

Henley Royal Regatta is the most prestigious regatta in the world. It is the highlight of the summer rowing calendar and the social season in the UK. Visited by more than 300,000 people each year, Henley Royal Regatta boasts over 300 races across six days of elite sporting competition.

How long is the Henley Regatta Course?

The traditional length of the Course is 1 mile 550 yards which was the longest distance of open water that could be obtained in 1839 on the Henley Reach. The distance from the start-line to Remenham Barrier is 2,089 feet, to Fawley 3,435 feet and to the winning post 6,930 feet, which is 1 mile 550 yards.

What do you wear to a Henley 2022?

Gentlemen are required to wear lounge suits, or jackets or blazers with flannels, and a tie or cravat. Ladies are required to wear dresses or skirts with a hemline below the knee and will not be admitted wearing divided skirts, culottes or trousers of any kind.

What is the most prestigious rowing event?

The Henley Royal Regatta is one of the most famous rowing events in the world. For five days, thousands of spectators will come and watch a wide range of crews from all over the world battle it out on the river Thames.

How do I get tickets for Henley Regatta?

Tickets for the 2023 Regatta will be on sale from Monday, 3 April and will be available to purchase in person from Regatta HQ, online or by calling the Ticket Orderline on 01491 571900.

Can you wear trainers to Henley Regatta?

Attendees are only required to ‘dress to suit the occasion’ but denim, shorts, sports attire or trainers will not be allowed.

What time do races start at Henley?


Racing commences at 9:00 on Friday and 8:00 on Saturday, with racing required to be finished by 18:00 on both days. Racing is scheduled to run 4 minutes apart.

Is Henley Regatta on television?

BT Sport has renewed its agreement to cover the Henley Royal Regatta for a further two years. Sunset+Vine will continue as production partner to Henley Royal Regatta and BT Sport under the deal, which spans 2019 and 2020.

Is Henley Regatta on today?

Henley Royal Regatta 2022 is being held from Tuesday 28th June to Sunday 3rd July.

Where can I watch Henley?

You can watch all of the videos from the previous years of Henley Royal Regatta on their YouTube channel.

What to wear to watch a regatta?

How to look undeniably chic out on the water during the racing
  • A practical pullover.
  • A light-weight wrap.
  • A hat with a brim.
  • A carry-all tote.
  • Squint-proof sunglasses.
  • A sleek swimsuit.
  • Easy-to-slip-off slides.
  • Wet weather gear.