Did Harry Belafonte write The Banana Boat Song?

What is Harry Belafonte’s most famous song?

Musical career

Belafonte is best known for his recordings of “The Banana Boat Song“, with its signature “Day-O” lyric, “Jump in the Line”, and “Jamaica Farewell”.

What song did Harry Belafonte sing?

Harry Belafonte/Songs

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Who originally sang the Banana Boat Song?

Irving Burgie, a singer and songwriter who penned lyrics for the classic tune, “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song),” which was made famous by Harry Belafonte, has died, his son said. He was 95.

Who wrote The Banana Boat Song?

Day O!/Composers

Why is it called banana boat?

Banana boat is a descriptive nickname that was given to fast ships, also called banana carriers, engaged in the banana trade. They were designed to transport easily spoiled bananas rapidly from tropical growing areas to North America and Europe. They often carried passengers as well as fruit.

What does come MR tally man tally me banana mean?

This is a traditional Jamaican song that was sung by dock workers who worked throughout the night loading bananas onto ships. It’s daylight, and they look forward to the arrival of the Tallyman (who will take inventory) so they can go home. Belafonte’s version used lyrics adapted by Irving Burgie and William Attaway.

When was the Banana Boat Song made?

This is an old Jamaican folk song. It was first recorded on a British disc by Edric Connor “Songs From Jamaica” in 1952. Its origin is unknown but is believed to be a banana loaders song from the late nineteenth century.

Who wrote jump in the line?

Jump In the Line/Composers

Who was Harry Belafonte’s wife?

Harry Belafonte/Wife

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