Is scuba diving good in Antigua?

What Caribbean island has the best scuba diving?

  • Cozumel & Riviera Maya, Mexico. Excellent Drift Diving, Beautiful Corals & Diverse Marine Life!
  • Cayman Islands.
  • Bahamas.
  • Roatan, Honduras.
  • Turneffe Atoll, Belize.
  • Silver Bank, Dominican Republic.
  • Turks and Caicos.

Is scuba diving included at Sandals Antigua?

In the water or on dry land, at Sandals Grande Antigua there’s something for everyone. Because everything is included in your holiday-even complimentary scuba diving* in spectacular waters-you can do as much as you want to do.

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Why is it not recommended to scuba dive?

Diving compressed gases (ie, scuba diving) can lead to two very serious medical conditions: Decompression Sickness (DCS), otherwise known as “the Bends,” and Pulmonary Over-Inflation Syndrome (POIS).

Where is the most beautiful place to scuba dive?

Best Scuba Diving in the World: 10 Top Locations
  • Great Blue Hole, Belize.
  • Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island.
  • Maaya Thila – South Ari Atoll, Maldives.
  • Richelieu Rock, Thailand.
  • Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel.
  • SS Thistlegorm Wreck, Egyptian Red Sea.
  • SS Yongala Wreck – Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
  • 1000 Steps, Bonaire.

Is diving free at Sandals?

Guests of Sandals can really take advantage of this as Sandals Resorts offer free scuba diving trips as part of your stay. All you’ll need to get going on your scuba adventure with Sandals Resorts is PADI® certification or an on-resort introductory diving certification.

Does sandals provide scuba gear?

Equipment is Always Included

Scuba diving at Sandals Resorts truly offers you the very best in equipment, staff and unbelievable dive sites – all included!

Can you swim in the ocean at Sandals Antigua?

In the water or on dry land, at Antigua there’s something for everyone. Because everything is included in your vacation-even PADI® Certified Scuba Diving in spectacular waters—you can do as much as you want to do. So go ahead: swim, sail, snorkel…or just relax by the pool.

Where is the clearest water in Antigua?

Carlisle Bay Beach

Carlisle Beach is located by the village of Old Road on the south coast of Antigua. This expansive beach offers clear waters, fine sand and excellent snorkeling where you can find a wide variety of tropical fish.

Is the water clear in Antigua?

One of the gems of the Caribbean, the island of Antigua is a beach-lover’s dream. With 95 miles of coastline, you won’t have any difficulty finding a beautiful stretch of sand to relax in the sun while gazing at crystal clear waters.

Are there coral reefs in Antigua?

Antigua and Barbuda have the most extensive coral reef habitat of any Caribbean islands east of Hispaniola because of their unique geological and climatological conditions.

Is there a seaweed problem in Antigua?

Several Caribbean countries including Antigua and Barbuda have been dealing with the sargassum problem, which poses both economic and ecological challenges, for more than a decade.

Where can I see sea turtles in Antigua?

Galleon Beach (Freeman’s Bay) is a fun-packed area where you can snorkel with turtles, swim out to a shipwreck, view the Pillars of Hercules and take a hike out to Mermaid Gardens.

What is lobster season in Antigua?

Lobster season in Barbados runs all year round. Antigua. Lobster season in Antigua runs from July 1st – April 30th. The season closes May 1st – June 30th.

Why is Jolly beach Antigua closed?

This comes after negotiations with potential investors did not yield the desired results. The Jolly Beach Resort has been closed since March of 2020 and the government had been searching for a new investor in the hopes to save the jobs for the 500 people sent home from the property but that has not been forthcoming.

What time of year is best to see sea turtles?

Best time: Turtles can be seen all year round. However, late October to early December is a particularly good time to see sea turtles.

What beach has the most sea turtles?

Key West, Florida. Along with Hawaii, Florida beaches throughout the state are the most active for sea turtle egg laying.