Is it hard to keep discus fish?

Wild caught discus can be challenging to keep, due to their specialized water chemistry and dietary needs, however, most discus sold today are captive bred and are much easier to keep. That said, they are not for beginners for a variety of reasons.

How big of a tank do you need for discus fish?

Most discus in the common aquarium max out at 4.5-6 inches.

Based on this size range, the minimum tank size would be a 55 gallon tank, but the bigger the better for these guys. 3-5 discus should be doable in a 55gal aquarium as long as water changes are kept up with.

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Do discus recognize their owners?

They are said to recognize the owner in time and they can get as close to you as to eat out of your hand. When breeding discus as a hobby, some owners have noticed that the discus will watch you move around the room or even react to TV noise.

How often should discus fish be fed?

The question we are asked most often is, “What do you feed your discus, and how often do you feed them.” Discus enjoy a varied diet consisting of high-quality nutrients, but they also like their goodies. Adult discus are fed twice daily, and younger fish are fed three times a day or more.

Can you keep discus in a 60 gallon tank?

Also discus being a shoaling species a minimum number of at least six discus will need to be kept. So with this information so far we can see that a tank of at least 60 gallons will need to be used for keeping discus. The only exception for this is if you have a bonded breeding pair.

How many discus Can I put in a 20 gallon tank?

Can you keep discus in a 200 Litre tank?

In Europe, the German Veterinary Association for Animal Protection recommends a maximum of 45 x 8cm Discus per 180 litres, or 12 x 15cm per 180 litres.

How often do you change water for discus?

For most aquariums a water change of 30% once a week is just fine, you can do more if you want to, but we think it’s better to sit back and enjoy your Discus.

Should discus be kept in pairs?

Domestically-bred Discus are really no different to any other fish and these are the very basic rules: Keep them in groups, as they are a shoaling species.

Do discus well alone?

Discus cichlids don’t like to be alone, but each fish needs at least ten gallons of water to survive; therefore, a pair of adult discus fish need, at minimum, a 20-gallon tank. A pair of young discus fish can thrive in a 15-gallon tank, but they will outgrow it as they mature.

Should you throw discus everyday?

As they improve, their discus will slowly start to improve as well. Their discus training should be done 2-3 days a week.

Do discus fish need a heater?

Since discus are tropical fish, they need a heater to keep their tank’s water in the correct temperature range. The heater ensures that your tank’s water will remain at a constant temperature throughout the day, regardless of whether your room cools down or heats up.

Can I feed my discus vegetables?

Some of the best sources of vitamins for discus fish are crustaceans, vegetables, and algae.

What is the best fish with discus?

15 of the Best Discus Tank Mates
  • Siamese Algae Eater. Scientific Name.
  • Dwarf Gouramis. Scientific Name: Colisa Lalia.
  • Harlequin Rasbora. Scientific Name: Trigonostigma heteromorpha.
  • Rummy Nose Tetra. Scientific Name: Hemigrammus rhodostomus.
  • Cardinal Tetra.
  • Neon Tetra.
  • Pencil Fish.
  • Pleco Fish.

Why discus fish are jump out of the tank?

If the water quality in the tank is poor, the fish might jump out to seek a more appropriate environment. Other factors such as lack of hiding places, low oxygen levels and improper pH balance can also lead to fish jumping out of the tank.