Is Bora Bora good for scuba diving?

Bora Bora is one of the most loved French Polynesian Islands and is also known as the Jewel in the crown of French Polynesia. This spectacular volcanic island is known for the best diving trips in the world due to its unique underwater environment, its surrounding barrier reef and stunning lagoon.

Is scuba diving in Tahiti good?

Diving in Tahiti and around French Polynesia you’ll see big marine animals, so if you’re into sharks, manta rays and whales, then this is one of the best places in the world.

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Is Tahiti better than Bora Bora?

Despite Tahiti’s accessibility and affordability, there is no doubt that Bora Bora is better than Tahiti. The resorts, overwater bungalow accommodations, seclusion, luxurious atmosphere and, of course, brilliant waters of Bora Bora are truly unbeatable.

Where is the most beautiful place to scuba dive?

Best Scuba Diving in the World: 10 Top Locations
  • Great Blue Hole, Belize.
  • Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island.
  • Maaya Thila – South Ari Atoll, Maldives.
  • Richelieu Rock, Thailand.
  • Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel.
  • SS Thistlegorm Wreck, Egyptian Red Sea.
  • SS Yongala Wreck – Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
  • 1000 Steps, Bonaire.

Where is the best diving in French Polynesia?

I’m going to save you time. To make it simple, the best diving in French Polynesia is in the Tuamotu Archipelago. It has it all: stunning coral reefs, deep walls, powerful drift diving in passes and abundant pelagic marine species.

How much does it cost to scuba dive in Tahiti?

Generally speaking, diving in Tahiti will cost around $100 USD per person.

Is the ocean warm in Tahiti?

Average annual water temperature on the coast in Tahiti is 82°F, by the seasons: in winter 81°F, in spring 80°F, in summer 83°F, in autumn 83°F. Minimum water temperature (78°F) in Tahiti it happens in August, maximum (85°F) in March.

What is hurricane season in Tahiti?

French Polynesia is on the far eastern edge of the South Pacific cyclone (hurricane) belt, and storms can occur between November and March.

Does it ever get cold in Bora Bora?

Because is a tropical island, the temperature is warm all year long, but it is hotter and more humid over summer. There are primarily two seasons in Bora Bora : the dry season and the wet season.

Is there Dengue fever in Tahiti?

A dengue type 2 epidemic has been declared in Tahiti by French Polynesian health authorities. Mosquito avoidance measures are recommended for locals and travellers. A vaccine is available for dengue but is only suitable for people who have had the disease already.

What diseases are in Bora Bora?

Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Bora Bora
Hepatitis B Blood & Body Fluids
Typhoid Food & Water
Yellow Fever Mosquito
Rabies Saliva of Infected Animals

Is there a drug problem in Tahiti?

The public prosecutor in French Polynesia says there are at least 10,000 consumers of methamphetamine in a territory with fewer than 280,000 inhabitants. Thomas Pison said such high use of the illegal drug is not only a crime issue but has become a public health problem.

Is Tahiti still radioactive?

Nuclear tests at Moruroa and Fangataufa ceased in 1996 due to international protest, but the atolls still remain restricted military territory. 30 years after the tests, about half of the radioactive strontium-90 and cesium-137 and all of the plutonium still remains in the archipelago’s air, water and soil.