How much does it cost for a Thames River cruise?

How long is the Thames river boat cruise?

The London Eye River Cruise is a 40 minute circular sightseeing tour, along the River Thames. Departing from The London Eye pier you will be taken on route to see the House of Parliament, though to The Tower of London and Tower Bridge, where you will return back to The London Eye Pier.

How much is a UK river cruise?

On average, you can expect a river cruise to cost you around £150 to £300 ($200 to $400) per person, per night.

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Is river cruising expensive?

River cruises often appear expensive because they include a lot compared to land-based vacations or mainstream ocean cruises. As a general rule river cruises include food, excursions, and drinks. River cruising is a luxurious way to travel and the price reflects this.

Are river cruise prices per person?

On average, U.S. river cruise prices start around $300 to $400 per person, per night.

Do cruise ships go to London?

The Port of London Authority provides two moorings for cruise ships, one at Greenwich, the other at just upriver of Tower Bridge.

What is Thames cruise?

The Thames River Boat Cruise gives you the chance to see the city from a different angle. Run by City Cruises, the sightseeing boat ride gives you fantastic views of London as you head down the famous, storied River Thames.

Is there a toilet on the uber boat?

Toilets. There are toilets with accessible facilities on board most of the fleet. Our larger boats also have baby changing tables.

How long is London City cruise?

Cruises last one hour and forty-five minutes, the perfect time to relax and recharge with a scrumptious lunch after a busy morning’s shopping or sightseeing perhaps a Sunday lunch cruise in London is the centrepiece for a special day out with family or friends.

Is it worth going on the London Eye?

We have been on it many times over the years and the London Eye views (on a clear day) are spectacular. Yes, it can be expensive, but there are often London Eye discounts (we will mention a few later in the post) and it really should be on your list of London things to do.

How long is the boat ride from Westminster to Greenwich?

About the Cruise

Join us for a 1-Hour (Single) or 2-Hour (Return) trip from Westminster Pier to the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

How long is the London Eye ride?

Standard Ticket

30 minutes up high in one of our 32 pods. 360° moving views from the heart of the city. Get up close to London’s iconic landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. You can even see as far as Windsor Castle on a clear day!

Is it better to go on the London Eye day or night?

It’s especially nice to experience the nightfall, with the lights of the city, at the London Eye. To do this you should start the ride shortly after sunset (link with times below). Usually the queue times are not too long in the evening hours. The ride duration is around 30 minutes.

How much does it cost to ride the eye in London?

London Eye
Ticket Type Price
Adult (15 years +) INR 2,584
Fast Track (No Waiting)
Child (6-12 years) INR 3,045
Adult (12 years +) INR 3,506

What is the best time to go on the London Eye?

Best Time to Visit the London Eye

The early London Eye opening times from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM has a lot of crowds, so it’s best recommended to go right when the London Eye opens or just before it closes.

How early should I get to the London Eye?

We advise you arrive around 30 minutes before your Standard or Fast Track experience during off-peak periods. If you are visiting us during a peak period, we advise you allow more time, as the attraction will be busier.

What time does the London Eye light up?

Around the London Eye

Every night at 9.53pm for the last 700 years, this ceremony has been held to close the door of the Tower of London, where the British crown jewels are kept.