Can you take a boat on Loch Ness?

Bring your own boat, hire a cruiser or charter a yacht for a canal holiday, take a day-trip on Loch Ness, or stay on a hotel boat or holiday barge. Take in the spectacular Scottish scenery and amazing wildlife. Boating on the Caledonian Canal is unlike any other canal boat experience in the UK.

Can you take a narrowboat on the Caledonian Canal?

Can I cruise the Caledonian Canal in a narrowboat? Yes, narrowboats are welcome to visit the Caledonian Canal however you must notify us in advance of arrival and follow our Safety Guidance for Narrowboats & Small Craft. How can I hire a boat?

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Can you boat from Inverness to Fort William?

This stunning Highlands waterway runs from Inverness to Fort William on the west coast. It passes through a range of pretty towns and villages, lochs and countryside, providing a beautiful scenic setting to visitors.

Can you live on a canal boat in Scotland?

If a mooring is being established on a canal or waterway, you will need permission from the Living on Water initiative.

Can you moor anywhere on the Caledonian Canal?

Moorings are free along the Caledonian Canal. Electricity points are available at some moorings, for a charge of £3 – £4 per night. Please consult your waterways map to find the locations of waterside facilities such as showers and, toilets (free), as well as electricity points.

Can you get to Scotland on a narrowboat?

From our narrowboat hire base at Falkirk, you can choose to spend a relaxing week cruising between Falkirk and Glasgow on boat trips, or alternatively you can explore Scotland in the opposite direction, heading east, on the Union Canal between Falkirk and Edinburgh for unique city breaks by boat.

Where does the Caledonian Canal start and finish?

The Caledonian Canal is Scotland’s longest inland waterway. It runs from Fort William in the west to Inverness in the east and follows the course of the Great Glen – a 100km long narrow valley – and cuts through Lochs Oich, Lochy and Ness.

Can you swim in the Loch Ness?

Avoid Swimming in Loch Ness

This is due to the depth of the loch – the surface might warm slightly, but it is a lot colder below, and this can put you at risk of cold water shock, or hypothermia.

How many lochs are in the Caledonian Canal?

There are 29 locks (including eight at Neptune’s Staircase, Banavie), four aqueducts and 10 bridges in the course of the canal.

Can you cross Scotland by canal?

A canal holiday allows you to journey through the country, taking in the landscape and hearing some of the stories of Scotland’s past as you go.

Is Loch Ness navigable?

The best things to do at Loch Ness and Fort Augustus

Through the glen stretches the 62-mile Caledonian Canal navigable by canal and sailing boat – one of the world’s best waterways.

How many locks are in Neptune’s Staircase?

Neptune’s Staircase is a dramatic flight of eight locks on the Caledonian Canal.

Can you walk along Neptunes staircase?

Walk Description

The path begins from the far corner of the car park and leads straight onto the side of the Caledonian Canal. This is the bottom end of the flight of eight locks known as Neptune’s Staircase, and is very popular with visitors.

How long does it take to go through Neptunes staircase?

This amazing feat of engineering raises the canal by 19m (62ft) over a quarter of a mile of continuous masonry and takes around 90 minutes for a boat to travel up or down the locks.