How do you solve the puzzle on the boat in Seiraimaru?

Pick up the Electrogranum outside and follow the Seelie around the ship. The Seelie will lead you to a Common Chest with an Intact Key inside. Continue to follow it and use the key on the door when the Seelie goes behind it.

How do you solve the suigetsu pool puzzle?

After the pillars are lit, the pool will drain but not completely. Jump down and swim through the small entrance left in the water. When you reach the end of the path, climb up into the room and activate the three mechanisms on the wall. The door will open, allowing you to climb up a new path.

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How do you complete Suigetsu Pool domain?

Interact with the three switches on each wall of the room to open the locked gate. Standing at the gate you just unlocked, look at the ceiling to your right. Climb up that wall and into the higher room. Activating the cube mechanism will drain the water completely and allow you to unlock the Domain.

How do you unlock the empty boat on a thousand gates?

Here’s how you get through the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain quickly. First, just glide down. Then open the wooden wall on your left and grab the little purple Electro Amulet. Now go in the opposite direction until you hit a (seemingly) dead end, then remove the wall on your right.

How do you solve the Genshin electro puzzle?

In order to solve this puzzle, players just have to hit the center box, number 3, twice. Now all of the Electro Puzzles should be complete, and a Precious Chest will appear next to the puzzle.

How do you drain the water in a Suigetsu Pool?

Go through the gate and look up. The ceiling has partially collapsed, meaning the player can climb to the floor above. There are locked gates activated by switches next to them, but the important thing here is the cube switch. Pressing this one drains the water the rest of the way.

How do I find the remaining key sigils?

Where is the 2nd Key Sigil?

The second Key Sigil can be found in the same cave where players completed the Heart of Watatsumi world quest to obtain the Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep.

Are there extra Key Sigils?

The images known as Key Sigils originate from Enkanomiya, and there are a total of five of them.

How do you get the second key in sigil?

The second sigil is exactly where the quest marker indicates it is, on the small island off the northern part of Watatsumi Island. You can quickly travel to the nearby teleport waypoint and just swim over to the island. There you just need to defeat some Ruin machines before collecting the sigil.

Where is the Keyshin Key Sigil?

The Genshin Impact Inazuma Key Sigils can be found at the locations below:
  • On a small island north of Watatsumi, guarded by three Ruin Sentinels.
  • Inside the cave you visited as part of The Moon-Bathed Deep quest. The Key Sigil is surrounded by a Mirror Maiden and two Hydro Fatui Skirmishers.

How many Key Sigils are there in Enkanomiya?

Rather than Electroculus floating around the area, Enkanomiya has Key Sigils. Just like Electroculus, Key Sigils will be marked on your mini-map as you get close to them. There are five different types of Key Sigils, each with a different symbol on them.

Is there enough sigils in Enkanomiya?

These Sigils are much farther spread out across Enkanomiya, with only eight to be found. One Sigil can be found on the open sea, and players should make sure to grab it before they struggle to locate it later on. There are only eight of these to find.

Do chests in Enkanomiya give electro sigils?

Chests are also a good way of getting Electo Sigils. The better quality, the more Electro Sigils you will receive.

How many chests are in Enkanomiya?

The highest known numbers for those achievements are: 523 in Mondstadt, 1148 in Liyue, 234 in Dragonspine, 731 in Inazuma, 185 in Enkanomiya, 248 in The Chasm and 921 in Sumeru. The chests counted on the counters are only those found in the open world in Teyvat.

How many Primogems do you get from Enkanomiya?

New Area: Enkanomiya (500 Primogems)