Will there be a season 2 of Banana Fish?

Since there isn’t any source material left to continue the story and the creator, Yoshida uttered these words: “I have no interest in writing sequels. Nothing comes to mind.” So, you can pretty much come to a conclusion that there is no hope for Banana Fish season 2.

How many episodes are in Banana Fish season 1?

While the original manga takes place in the 1980’s and uses the Vietnam War as a setting, the anime was adapted for its time and takes place during and after the Iraq War instead, as well as allowing the characters the use of modern technology. The anime consists of 24 episodes written by Hiroshi Seko.

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Why is Banana Fish rated 18+?

Recommended Audience: The backstory about pedophilia – and Ash’s graphic description of what he suffered- combined with the violence, makes this a definite R (16+) show.

Why is Banana Fish rated R?

there are two rape scenes (not explicit, they show what happened afterwards) and there’s a gay kiss, along with some heavily implied BL. It also has a lot of pedophilia, sexual abuse, and stuff that I wouldn’t watch in front of or with my family.

How old is Ash Lynx?

A nineteen-year-old Japanese college student.

Who did Eiji marry Banana Fish?

Akira Ibe. He first meets Shunichi Ibe’s niece, Akira, in Garden of Light. They become friends, despite an age difference of ten years, and Sing remarks to Eiji that he thinks she’s “a sweet kid”. Five years later in New York Sense, their wedding pictures are shown, signifying they have married.

Is Banana Fish worth watching?

AN MUST WATCH!! I must admit, the title of this show made me feel an somewhat confusion as to why everyone was saying “Watch Banana Fish”, but when I did I must admit it’s the best show I’ve ever seen and had massively changed my life.

Is Banana Fish the saddest anime?

Banana Fish tackles some pretty heavy topics with gut-wrenching moments, making it one of the saddest animes to watch.

Does Banana Fish have inappropriate content?

Throughout the series, sexual assault is mentioned a lot and is a plot point. Though it is not explicitly shown, it is implied a lot. The aftermath of a rape is shown; there is no explicit nudity, but various shots make it clear that the character has been bound at the wrists and stripped to the ankles.

Is Banana Fish a real fish?

bonefish, also called Banana Fish, orLadyfish, (Albula vulpes), marine game fish of the family Albulidae (order Elopiformes). It inhabits shallow coastal and island waters in tropical seas and is admired by anglers for its speed and strength.

What is Eiji real name?

Raiden Ei’s true name is Beezlebul, as revealed by Yae Miko during the story quests. Raiden Shogun was puppeteered as the fallen god, and hence, most assume her as Baal when in reality, she is just a clone created by Raiden Ei.

Was Ash Lynx based on a real person?

The author of Banana Fish, Akimi Yoshida, has confirmed that Ash Lynx was majorly inspired by the beloved American actor and musician River Phoenix. The similarities in appearance between Ash and his real-life counterpart are striking, as well as their tragic backstories.

Is Ash Lynx a bottom?

In an interview with Akimi Yoshida, the mangaka said that Ash is and will always be the bottom of the relationship between him and Eiji.

Who is Ash Lynx lover?

AshEiji is the slash ship between Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura from the Banana Fish fandom.

Who is Eiji based on?

Eiji is speculated to be based on Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece. Oda is known to be a genius mangaka who won the 2nd Prize of the Tezuka Award at the age of 17, similar to Eiji’s achievement at 15.

Does Eiji love Ash?

Ignoring the romantic subtext of the main story and the romantic text of The Garden of Light is a disservice to the characters and their complex relationship. TL;DR – Ash and Eiji are gay and in love. We’ve been told this as explicitly as Yoshida dared to say it.