Why did lift boat capsize?

A commercial lift boat had begun to lower its legs onto the seafloor off the Louisiana coast during bad weather and a crew member had turned the vessel into heavy winds when it capsized last month, according to a preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board released on Tuesday. Although the N.T.S.B.

What happened to the Seacor Power vessel?

(KLFY) — Capt. David Ledet’s body was the first found after a lift boat he was piloting capsized in the Gulf of Mexico in April of 2021. In the following days, five more bodies were pulled from the water.

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Did they find the Seacor men?

David Ledet’s body was the first found after a lift boat he was piloting capsized in the Gulf of Mexico in April of 2021. In the following days, five more bodies were pulled from the water. Seven more — never found, but presumed dead.

Has Seacor Power been lifted?

(WVUE) – One year since the Seacor Power liftboat capsized in the Gulf of Mexico, the 13 crewmembers killed or presumed killed were honored with the unveiling of a memorial statue. The names of those lost at sea will be forever remembered at the Lady of the Gulf memorial in Port Fourchon.

Is the Seacor Power still in the Gulf?

(KLFY) — The living quarters of the SEACOR Power are still buried in the Gulf with no plans to retrieve them according to multiple independent sources.

When did the Seacor Power sink?

Capsizing incident

On April 13, 2021 Seacor Power capsized in the Gulf of Mexico, around 8 miles (13 km) off Port Fourchon, Louisiana, United States. Rescue attempts resulted in six successful rescues (one each by two United States Coast Guard (USCG) ships, and four by civilian vessels).

When did Seacor Power capsize?

April 13. The Seacor Power, a lift boat owned by Seacor Marine, capsizes several miles south of Port Fourchon, Louisiana with 19 crewmen on board. Six men are rescued the day of the incident, six died, and seven still remain missing to date. Those rescued have never been publicly identified.

How many people died on the Seacor Power?


The National Transportation and Safety Board has wrapped up its investigation into the deadly Seacor Power accident that killed 13 people in April 2021.

Who survived the Seacor Power?

For two hours in mountainous waves, first mate drifted four miles from capsized lift boat. Bryan Mires, first mate on the Seacor Power, survived after being swept off the vessel and drifting for two hours in stormy seas in the Gulf of Mexico.

How big was the Seacor Power?

Seacor Power public docket released to public, including harrowing survivor statements | News | theadvocate.com. The Seacor Power, a 129-foot commercial lift boat, capsized Tuesday, April 13, 2021, about 8 miles south of Port Fourchon in the Gulf of Mexico.

What is a lift boat in the Gulf of Mexico?

A liftboat is a self-elevating, self-propelled, offshore supply vessel. Liftboats have been used in the Gulf of Mexico to service and supply offshore platforms as well as performing other offshore operations for the Oil & Gas industry.

How do you drive a boat on a lift?

Where do boats go on a boat lift?

Boat should be positioned centered in lift and forward just enough that the rear taper on the bunks are showing just past the stern of the boat. Raise lift bed till the bunks contact boat and continue raising slowly until the boat is completely on the bunks.

How do you secure a boat on a lift?

One thing that will help is to attach heavy duty ratchet straps to securely tie the boat to the lift. You can also use the straps to secure the boat to any available dock cleats or dock piles. This will prevent the boat from blowing off the lift or being carried away with the surge.

Should I leave my boat on a lift during a hurricane?

We do not recommend securing your boat to the boat lift during a hurricane. A boat lift is not the ideal place to store your vessel during a hurricane, as the storm surge can rise higher than your lift.

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