Where should I buy my betta fish?

The 10 Best Places to Buy Betta Fish Online
  • The Consolidated Fish Farms Inc – Best Overall. Check The Consolidataed Fish Farm.
  • Betta Squad USA – Best Value. Check Betta Squad USA.
  • Franks Bettas – Premium Choice. Check Franks Bettas.
  • Blackwater Aquatics. Check Blackwater Aquatics.
  • LiveAquaria.
  • Aquabid.
  • eBay.
  • Bettas and Art.

How old are betta fish sold at Petsmart?

Because a Betta purchased at a pet shop is often one year old already. Males, in particular, are allowed to fully mature, so their fins and colors are well developed. Females may be sold at a bit younger age, but they will generally be at least six months old when offered for sale.

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How long do pet bettas live?

Betta fish on average live to be 2-4 years old. The length of your betta fish’s life is directly related to the environment you keep them in. By maintaining a clean tank and watching their diet, you can help them live a longer life. The role of tank quality.

How long do betta fish live for?

2 – 5 years
Siamese fighting fish / Lifespan (In captivity)

How can I tell how old my betta fish is?

How long do betta fish from Petsmart live?

Betta fish can live up to 3 years old. They can grow up to 3 inches long. A single male betta fish can sometimes be kept in a large community aquarium without any other bettas, but they should be monitored closely.

At what age can you sell betta fish?

The best way to start is by taking an estimated timeline based on when your Betta was adopted. Breeders usually never sell these fish before they reach a minimum age of 3 months, so you can always be certain your pet is not younger than that.

Can betta fish live in tap water?

Different types of water that you might use for a betta

If treated correctly, this water will be fine. Tap water is a reliable as it’s constant and affordable water source. On average tap water tends to have good enough pH levels and mineral levels for a betta.

How often should bettas be fed?

It is recommended to feed your betta fish two to four pellets, once or twice per day. Pellets expand when placed in water and are very filling for your betta fish. Freeze-dried or fresh food can be substituted for their pellet feeding 1 to 2 days per week.

What happens to betta fish in pet stores?

Bettas are tropical fish. They can tolerate cool temperatures for substantial periods of time, but they need heat to stay healthy and comfortable. Many fish arrive at stores with swim bladder problems, fin rot, and other illnesses. They often develop sicknesses from improper care at the stores.

What to do after buying a betta fish?

Easy Transition: When you get your Betta fish, float the bag he came in from the pet store on top of the water for about 10 minutes. This will help him adjust to the temperature in the tank, which should be about 78-80 oF. Then, release your fish and let him enjoy his new home.

What do I need to know before buying a betta fish?

What do you feed a betta?

Frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms make for especially welcome and tasty betta food treats. You can feed your betta fish live food as well, as a way to stimulate them. You can also feed your betta fish flakes for food. Fish flakes are an inexpensive and easy to store food option.

Can betta be kept alone?

Bettas Like to Live Alone

It’s true bettas don’t mind being alone. It’s also true they tend to have issues with other fish. If male bettas are together, or placed with other fish with bright colors and large fins, their natural territorialism often prompts them to fight.

What fish can go with a betta?

Here’s our top 5 list of favorite tank mates for you and your betta fish to enjoy.
  • Kuhli Loaches. These eel-like oddball fish grow to about 3.5 inches long and are great scavengers for picking up any excess food your betta drops.
  • Ember Tetras.
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snails.
  • Harlequin Rasboras.
  • Cory Catfish.

How big do bettas get?

Betta fish grow to be no longer than 3 inches, typically. Their usual lifespan is 2-5 years. They have brilliantly colored fins, and various tail types. Common colors include red, blue, black, white and orange.