What platforms can I watch Banana Fish on?

Watch Banana Fish | Netflix.

Is Banana Fish a queer anime?

Banana Fish depicts homosexuality both in the text of the story through representations of male-male rape, and as subtext through the ambiguously homoerotic relationship between Ash and Eiji.

Is Ash Lynx a bottom?

In an interview with Akimi Yoshida, the mangaka said that Ash is and will always be the bottom of the relationship between him and Eiji.

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How old is Ash Lynx?

At age seventeen, Ash has grown to unite a great number of gangs under his command and becomes both a feared and admired leader in Manhattan, compelling fierce loyalty.

What type of anime is Banana Fish?

Banana Fish is an anime series adapted from the 1985 manga by Akimi Yoshida. The series has been praised as a successful crossover between shojo and shonen manga, and for its influence on boys’ love anime for its depiction of the relationship between Ash and Eiji.

Why is Banana Fish BL?

Though Banana Fish is not a boys’ love (BL) series, critics have noted the series’ depiction of homosexuality and homoeroticism as having been influenced by (and in turn having influenced) the boys’ love genre.

Is Eiji a girl?

Eiji is a common masculine Japanese given name.

Who did Eiji marry?

Eiji never gets married, becomes a person with less brightness and more silence. The pain of losing Ash as part of his life.

Was Eiji abused?

In Episode 9 a LOT of anime only people watching got the impression that Eiji was raped by Dino , however he was not.

How old is Eiji at the end?

Eiji is a slim Japanese youth with black hair and large dark brown eyes. Despite being an adult at the age of 19, he is often mistaken for a young teenager, even in Japan.

What is Eiji real name?

Raiden Ei’s true name is Beezlebul, as revealed by Yae Miko during the story quests. Raiden Shogun was puppeteered as the fallen god, and hence, most assume her as Baal when in reality, she is just a clone created by Raiden Ei.

What is Ash Lynx real name?

Aslan Jade Callenreese, also known as Ash Lynx, is the main protagonist of the Banana Fish anime and manga. Aslan is a seventeen-year-old American who is in charge of a gang in New York City.

Is Banana Fish a true story?

The author of Banana Fish, Akimi Yoshida, has confirmed that Ash Lynx was majorly inspired by the beloved American actor and musician River Phoenix. The similarities in appearance between Ash and his real-life counterpart are striking, as well as their tragic backstories.

Who is Ash Lynx lover?

AshEiji is the slash ship between Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura from the Banana Fish fandom.

How tall is Eiji?

Height: 5 ft. 11 in. (180 cm). Weight: 150.5 lbs (68 kg).

Why did Eiji not cut his hair?

eiji didn’t cut his hair because that was the last thing ash touched.

Who is Eiji date based on?

Morikawa Jouji stated in an interview that Date was modeled after former OPBF Champion Ozaki Fujio. At the time of his retirement, Date held a record of 23-2-0 with 17 KO’s.