What is yacht in French?

noun. le voilier masc (sailing boat)

Is it Le bateau or La bateau?

Remembering the GENDER of the French word for boat is le bateau. With all our lessons we teach you to remember the gender with the word, because this is very important in French language. In French all nouns are either masculine or feminine. And it is not always easy to remember which.

What is the meaning of Le bateau?

masculine noun. boat. une promenade en bateau a boat trip.

How do you pronounce Le bateau?

noun, plural ba·teaux [ba-tohz; French ba-toh]. Also batteau.

Are boats feminine in French?

If you do, you might need to use the word for boat. In French, the word for boat is a masculine noun and follows the rules for most nouns in French.

What is Oiseau called in French?

In French, “bird” is “oiseau”. Plural form, “oiseaux”.

What is the plural form of Bateau in French?

bateau (plural bateaux)

What is the meaning of Bateau Mouche?

[batomuʃ ] masculine noun. pleasure boat (on the Seine)

What is the plural of bateau?

plural bateaux ba-​ˈtō(z) also batteaux.

What type of boat is a bateau?

A bateau or batteau is a shallow-draft, flat-bottomed boat which was used extensively across North America, especially in the colonial period and in the fur trade. It was traditionally pointed at both ends but came in a wide variety of sizes.

What is the plural of un autobus?


What is the plural of bar in Italian?

6. Foreign Nouns
IL Taxi Taxi
IL Film Film
Lo Sport Sport
IL Bar Bar

1 more row

What is the plural of Una cosa?


What is the plural of El lápiz?

lápiz m (plural: lápices m)

What is La Luz in the plural?

With nouns that end with a -z, add ‘es’ and turn the -z into -c. es: luz : luces; andaluz : andaluces.

Is lápiz a word?

lápiz → pencil, crayon.