What is the toughest aluminum boat?

War Eagle Boats are the toughest boats on the water! All welded and constructed from heavy gauge aluminum, we challenge you to compare our quality to any other aluminum boat. Our commonsense approach to overcoming real hunting and fishing obstacles drives us to create even better products for the future.

Did Alumacraft go out of business?

The closure is related to its parent company discontinuing the manufacturing of certain Evinrude boat motors. Quebec-based BRP, parent company for Alumacraft, announced on Wednesday that it would cease production of outboard engines and instead focus on its boat brands and other innovative marine products.

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Are Alumacraft boats welded or riveted?

Depending on the style of the hull, the aluminum may be welded or riveted. For instance, Alumacraft’s Jon boats are welded, and most of their tournament boats are riveted. Both methods are durable options when they are properly done.

Who makes the deepest jon boat?

SeaArk is well known for creating the World’s Largest Jon Boat in 1994 at 24 feet long and 72” wide. It has since upped the ante by creating a 26-foot jon boat. In addition to toting the title of World’s Largest Jon Boat, SeaArk Boats can also claim the title of the #1 Catfishing Boat.

Where are Alumacraft Jon boats made?

We moved to a brand new 100,000 square-foot plant in Saint Peter, MN. Focusing on the decades of craftsmanship and expertise our workforce had developed in manipulating aluminum to shape our early boat models, we began producing stretch-formed hulls, consisting of two sheets of aluminum.

Did Alumacraft stop making bass boats?

Since BRP acquired Alumacraft in 2018, the team has been focused on technical expertise, design prowess, and ingenuity. According to a company press release, that commitment stands strong with the new 2022 Alumacraft Pro Series bass boats.

When did BRP buy Alumacraft?

In 2012 Alumacraft was purchased by Corinthian Capital Group LLC, a private equity firm headquartered in New York. “This acquisition is a natural first step for our newly formed Marine Group,” José Boisjoli, BRP president and CEO said in a statement.

Where are Lund boats made?

Since 1948, Lund has been building boats from the heart of lakes country in New York Mills, Minn. Built with professional grade materials to withstand a lifetime of use, Lund Boats are guide tested and wilderness proven and demanded by more camps, resorts, fishing guides and professionals throughout North America.

How much does a 16 foot Lund cost?

The oldest boat was built in 1989 and the newest model is 2023. The starting price is $4,995, the most expensive is $27,336, and the average price of $9,995. Related boats include the following models: 1775 Adventure Sport, 1650 Angler SS and 1650 Rebel XL SS.

Who owns Alumacraft boats?

Bombardier Recreational Products
Alumacraft Boat Co / Parent organization

BRP Inc. is the holding company for Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., operating as BRP, a Canadian manufacturer of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, side by sides, motorcycles, and personal watercraft.


Who owns Lund boat Company?

Lund and Crestliner are owned by Brunswick Corporation, the largest marine manufacturer in the world. For additional information about our boats and our brands visit www.lundboats.com and www.crestliner.com. Since 1948, Lund has been building boats from the heart of lakes country in New York Mills, Minn.

Who owns Alumacraft boats?

Bombardier Recreational Products
Alumacraft Boat Co / Parent organization

Is Crestliner better than Lund?

Both brands are nice and good options in aluminum boats. Our Lund aged better with our use than the Crestliner over the 8 seasons we owned it. It’s also my opinion that Lunds hull designs are better handling in big water/rough water.

How long will aluminum boat last?

Aluminum Boats Last 15 – 30 Years And Up. On average, aluminum boats last around 15 to 30 years. But, the life span can vary from 5 years to as high as 50 years, depending mainly on how often the boat is subjected to regular maintenance and where it is used saltwater, brackish waters, or normal water.

Does Brunswick own alumacraft?

FOND DU LAC, Wisc., May 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mercury Marine, a division of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE:BC) and a world leader in marine propulsion systems, has entered into a strategic supply agreement with BRP to be the supplier of choice for BRP owned boat brands Alumacraft, Manitou, Quintrex & Stacer.

Who is the largest boat manufacturer in the United States?

The Brunswick Boat Group