What is the explanation of scuba?

self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

What is the difference between scuba and diving?

The biggest difference between the two skills is breathing. Scuba divers use a tank of breathable air strapped to their body – and are taught to never hold their breath underwater – while free divers train themselves to hold their breath as they dive down.

What does scuba stand for in healthcare?

Medical Surveillance Program – Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA)

What are the two types of scuba certification?

There are two main scuba certification levels that most recreational scuba divers are interested in: the open water diver certification and the advanced open water diver certification. The open water diver certification allows you to dive down to depths of 60 feet.

What is scuba certification called?

PADI Open Water Diver

The open water scuba diver certification, also sometimes called a “diving license” or “scuba certification,” is a credential that allows you to: Get air fills for tanks. Rent diving equipment.

What does the medical term or stand for?

OR (abbreviation): Stands for “operating room“. A facility equipped for performing surgery. OR is sometimes written O.R.

What does scuba stand for and how does it work?

The word SCUBA in scuba diving means Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The Webster dictionary definition of scuba is, “an apparatus utilising a portable supply of compressed gas (as air) supplied at a regulated pressure and used for breathing while swimming underwater”.

What does an stand for in nursing?

Nursing aide or nursing assistant.

What are the abbreviations for nurses?

Professional Nursing Credentials
  • APRN – Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.
  • LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse.
  • LVN – Licensed Vocational Nurse.
  • NP – Nurse Practitioner.
  • RN – Registered Nurse.
  • ACNP – Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.
  • CNS – Clinical Nurse Specialist.
  • ANP – Adult Nurse Practitioner.

What is an OG nurse?

The field of nursing has been using gig workers across the globe since Florence Nightingale brought nurses to Crimea to support the war. One could call her the O.G. (Original Gangster) of per diem staffing.

How do you say every 2 hours in nursing?

Q2HR or q2h (every 2 hours), Q4HR or q4h (every 4 hours), Q6HR or q6h (every 6 hours), Q2-4HR (every 2-4 hours), etc.

What does TC mean in hospital?

Modifier TC is used when only the technical component (TC) of a procedure is being billed when certain services combine both the professional and technical portions in one procedure code. Use modifier TC when the physician performs the test but does not do the interpretation.

What does RT stand for in nursing?

R/t means related to. This indicates going back to a certain concept, phenomenon or diagnosis as it relates to another topic.

What does Q mean in drugs?

“G” A gram of illegal drugs. “Q” A quarter of an ounce of drugs.

What is a slang word for drug dealer?

Cooker, dealer, dope peddler, dummy man, hookup, mad hatter, middleman, mule, pill lady, potrepreneur, pump, pusher, source.

What does 1 52 mean on a prescription?

1/52, 2/52. Weekly, twice a week. 1/26. Fortnightly.