What is the dive flag called?

A diver down flag, or scuba flag, is a flag used on the water to indicate that there is a diver below. Two styles of flag are in use. Internationally, the code flag alfa/alpha, which is white and blue, is used to signal that the vessel has a diver down and other vessels should keep well clear at slow speed.

How far do you have to stay away from a dive flag?

Maintain a distance of at least 300 feet (90m) from diver down flags and buoys in open water and at least 100 feet (30m) in inlets or navigation channels. To prevent injuries and death by propeller and vessel strikes, divers and boaters must be proactively aware of one another.

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What to do if you see a diver-down flag?

Scuba divers or snorkelers must display a diver-down flag that marks their diving area. The flag must be displayed whenever someone is diving below the surface. Vessels should stay as far away from a diver-down flag as is reasonable and prudent for the circumstances. The suggested safe distance is 100 yards.

How do you display a dive flag?

On a vessel, the divers-down flag must be at least 20 x 24 inches in size. And the flag must be displayed at the highest point of the vessel so that its visibility is not obstructed in any direction. On the water, the divers-down symbol must be at least a 12 x 12 inch flag on a float.

How far from a diver-down flag must a vessel be before operating at greater than idle speed boat Ed?

Vessel operators must not operate within 50 feet of a displayed diver-down flag and must reduce speed to “idle speed” when within 200 feet of the flag.

How far must a vessel stay away from a displayed diver-down flag quizlet?

A red “diver-down” flag with a white diagonal stripe carried on a buoy is also used to mark areas where there is diving activity. Be sure you know what the ‘diver down’ flags look like. If you see either flag, keep at least 50 feet from the vessel and diving site, and move at a slow ‘no wake’ speed,

How far must a vessel stay away from a displayed diver-down flag New York?

It is unlawful for other boats to approach within 100 feet of the dive flag.

Can you fly any flag on your boat?

The U.S. ensign, club burgee, officer flag, and private signal are flown as in home waters. Don’t fly a foreign courtesy ensign after you have returned to U.S. waters. Although this may show that you’ve “been there,” it is not proper flag etiquette.

Do you need a dive flag for snorkeling?

Red & White Dive Flag

In most states divers are required by law to display a diver down flag when diving or snorkeling, and display of the flag will either be from the dive boat, a buoy, or both.

When you see a red flag with diagonal stripe divers down flag you must?

When you see a red flag with a white diagonal strip (divers down flag), you must slow to idle speed if you come within 100 FT. of the flag in a channel and 300 FT. in open water.

What is an alpha dive flag?

The Alpha Dive Flag is a must have for any spearo to ensure your safety in the water. The flag is intended to be attached to a flag pole on your float, and gives additional visibility to the float and consequently your location in the water.

What does a red flag with a white slash mean?

The red flag with the diagonal white stripe is the symbol that a diver is in the water and boaters operating nearby should be extra cautious.

Is The Thin red Line flag disrespectful?

The meaning of the red line flag was certainly not meant to be disrespectful. It’s purpose is to honor fallen firefighters and the department, but there has been some controversy. Because it’s an altercation of the American flag, some people do not agree with it.

What is the white Snake flag?

The “snake flag” is a banner of the arms of Martinique, made of a blue field quartered by a white cross and with a white, L-shaped snake in each canton. The snake flag was the flag of the former French colony of Martinique and Saint Lucia.

What flag is red with a black stripe?

national flag consisting of a red field (background) incorporating a diagonal black stripe with white fimbriations (narrow borders). The flag has a width-to-length ratio of 3 to 5.

Is a backwards flag disrespectful?

It should never be displayed upside down unless trying to convey a sign of distress or great danger. The flag should never touch anything beneath it; this includes water, merchandise and even the floor.