What is the cost of a Minnesota fishing license?

Popular licenses
License Fee
Angling – 3 year Individual – Code 141 (r) $71.00
Angling – 72 Hour – Code 140 (r) $14.00
Angling – combination (Married Couple) (r) – Code 112 $40.00
Angling – dark house rental (r) – Code 120 $30.00

What is the fine for not having a fishing license in Minnesota?

Unless a different penalty is prescribed, a person convicted of violating a provision of the game and fish laws that is defined as a gross misdemeanor is subject to a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $3,000 and imprisonment in the county jail for not less than 90 days or more than one year.

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Can a felon get a fishing license in Minnesota?


421, for one year after a conviction, the person may not obtain the kind of license or take wild animals under a lifetime license issued under section 97A. 473 or 97A. 474, relating to the game and fish law violation.

Do seniors fish for free in Minnesota?

Who needs a fishing license in Minnesota? Any Minnesota resident aged 16–90 is required to carry a license when fishing. Children under 16 and seniors over 90 who live in Minnesota can fish without a license.

Do you need a license to sell bait in Minnesota?

A minnow retailer license allows for the retail sale of minnows (including leeches) as bait at one business location. You must purchase an additional minnow retailer license for each additional retail location.

Do I have to print my MN fishing license?

Print: You MUST PRINT your license/pass/certificate. Mobile users receive mobile license information by text, email or both.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in Wisconsin?

Fishing without a valid Wisconsin fishing license carries a penalty of at least $100.

Can you use 2 hooks in MN?

A. An angler may have up to three single or multiple hooks on a line used as a single tackle configuration attached to the end of a fishing line. The total configuration from the first hook to the last hook must be nine inches or less. Live, artificial, preserved, or dead bait is allowed.

How many walleye can you keep per day in Minnesota?

All walleye less than 17 inches in length must be immediately returned to the water. The daily and possession limit for walleye is three. A person’s possession limit may not include more than one walleye over 20 inches.

How many walleye can I keep in MN?

The Walleye/Sauger aggregate limit is six (no more than four can be Walleye). Walleye from 19.5 through 28 inches must be immediately released. Only one Walleye over 28 inches total length may be possessed.

What is the crappie limit in MN?

Currently, the statewide daily limits on waters that do not have special regulations are 20 sunfish and 10 crappie daily. The new regulations lower limits on specific waters as part of a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources initiative to protect and improve sunfish sizes.

How many hooks can you have on a line in Minnesota?

Minnesota law restricts anglers fishing in inland waters and the Canadian border waters to one artificial lure/bait on a single line. While each artificial lure/bait may have more than one hook (a crankbait, for example), only one lure or tackle configuration is allowed on a single line.

Is chumming illegal in Minnesota?

Using BaitCloud or similar products would result in anglers potentially taking fish using one or more of these illegal methods: Throwing chum (fish parts, corn, etc.) and other physical attractants into the water. This is considered littering.

How many fish can you catch per day in Minnesota?

With these new regulations, anglers can keep only the prescribed number of fish per day — it’s five or 10 on most lakes with these special regulations — but can return the next day for another limit if they don’t exceed the statewide inland water possession limit of 20 sunfish per angler.