What is the boat on the Blue Peter badge?

Hart’s little blue galleon has been plying the ocean since 1963 when editor Biddy Baxter launched the badges on the innovative children’s programme, with its sailor’s jig, Barnacle Bill, as the theme tune.

Does everyone get a Blue Peter badge?

A Blue Peter badge is a special award given to people who appear on the show, or can be earned by posting in an application. Applicants must be 6 to 15 years old.

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Is it difficult to get a Blue Peter badge?

To access the discount, kids need to wear their Blue Peter badge and have a valid Blue Peter badge card – these are easy to get, but it’s a separate application process. Once your child’s received their badge, they need to complete this form (possibly with help from a grown-up) and they’ll get a Blue Peter badge card.

What is the rarest Blue Peter badge?

The Gold badge is the highest award in the Blue Peter family and they are very rare indeed. Each year only a very small number of badges are awarded to recognise and celebrate exceptional outstanding achievements. To earn a Gold badge, you must be aged 6-15 and have already earned at least one other Blue Peter badge.

How do you get a Blue Peter badge in 2022?

To apply for a Blue badge you must:

Please send us a creative contribution to earn your badge. This could be a poem, a story, some artwork, a model, a recipe, a suggestion for the show, or an interesting letter telling us about something you have done linked to your hobbies and interests.

What is the easiest way to get a Blue Peter badge?

Blue badge

Blue badges are awarded for sending in interesting letters, stories, makes, pictures, poems, good ideas for the programme, and for having appeared on Blue Peter.

How long does it take to receive a Blue Peter badge?

You should receive your replacement badge within two weeks of the Blue Badge Unit receiving your application and existing badge (if damaged or faded).

How do you get free entry with a Blue Peter badge?

Free entry with the badge is for children from the age of 6 years and expires when the child turns 16. Children must wear their Blue Peter badge to gain free entry and/or show their Blue Peter badge card on arrival.

What places can you get into for free with a Blue Peter badge?

There are over 200 UK Attractions that you can enter for free with your Blue Peter Badge. Highlights include major theme parks such as Adventure Island at Southend-on-Sea and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. There are also a wide range of zoos including Africa Alive!, Edinburgh Zoo, Knowsley Safari and ZSL London Zoo.

How many Blue Peter badges can you get?

There are eight badges you can earn and all require different applications.

Why is it called Blue Peter?

The “Blue Peter” is used as a maritime signal, indicating that the vessel flying it is about to leave, and Reed chose the name to represent ‘a voyage of adventure’ on which the programme would set out.

Can I apply for a Blue Peter badge online?

To get the sport badge, you must fill in the form on the Blue Peter website and then send it off with a photo of you playing a sport for 1 hour. This badge is only available in the Summer.

Can adults get a Blue Peter badge?

A Blue Peter badge is an award for Blue Peter viewers, given by the BBC children’s television programme for those appearing on the show, or in recognition of achievement. They are awarded to children aged 6 to 15, or to adults who have been guests on the programme.

Who has a gold Blue Peter badge?

Gold badge holders include Leo Stuchbury (1993) who was awarded this badge for being the youngest ever person to complete the National Swimathon at the age of 6, Christopher Newby (2000), David Beckham, JK Rowling, Stephen Payne, Queen Elizabeth II (2001), Tom Daley (2009), David Tennant (2009), Anthony Horowitz (2011)

Is there a Diamond Blue Peter badge?

Blue Peter now has a diamond badge and it’s seriously blingy

It is the first time in the show’s history that the iconic shield badge shape has been replaced.

Where are Blue Peter badges made?

Matrix are thrilled to be working in collaboration with the BBC’s long-running children’s show to make all of its plastic badges from recycled yogurt pots in a UK factory powered by solar energy.