What is the best time to see dolphins at Chanonry Point?

Dolphins at Chanonry Point can be seen at anytime (and not at all!) but the best time to see them is usually on a rising tide. From around 1 hour after low tide, the tide turns and dolphins start to chase fish in.

What is best time to see dolphins on Moray Firth?

The dolphins are there all year round but the best time of day to go is when the tide is coming in as they arrive with it to feed. Drive down and park near the lighthouse and trundle around the corner and you can watch from the beach. However, it is very popular so get there early.

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What is the best time of year to see dolphins in Scotland?

As some dolphins are residents around Scottish shores you can see them all-year-round however, as they prefer the calmer and sunnier sea conditions associated with spring and summer, the best time to see dolphins in Scotland is usually from May to September.

Can I see dolphins from Edinburgh?

Are there dolphins in Edinburgh? Yes, they can sometimes be seen in the water off Portobello Beach, north Edinburgh. Sightings further out in the Firth of Forth are common.

Are there dolphins in the Firth of Forth?

In the Forth, there are two resident species of seal, the harbour and the grey seal, and in the past year we have also been lucky enough to have had humpback, minke and sei whales as regular visitors, along with bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise and common dolphins, to name just a few.

Where can I see dolphins in Fife?

Sightings of the Moray Firth Dolphins are highest in the Chanonry Point area because it’s a favourite spot for dolphins to find food.

What is the best time of year to see dolphins?

May, June and July are the best months to watch dolphins off the coastlines of the Azores, Ireland, Egypt, Madeira, Fiji, Newfoundland and Jersey with several of these locations still providing ideal conditions into August and September.

Where is the best place to see dolphins in the Moray Firth?

Chanonry Point near Fortrose is one of the best coastal vantage points in Europe to spot the wildlife of the Moray Firth. Look out across the firth just as the tide starts to rise, and you are highly likely to spot dolphins as they swim in-land to feed.

Where can I go whale watching in Scotland?

Whale watching and sighting is an activity that has broad appeal in many locations around the world, and with the Hebrides as the number one whale watching destination in the UK, whales are known as one of the best creatures to see in Scotland.

Where is the best place to see orcas in Scotland?

The Orkney Islands are one of the best places to spot Orca and getting there from John O’Groats is incredibly easy, with ferries leaving from the pier right next to the inn everyday through May and September.

When can you see orcas in Scotland?

Summer is the best time to see these magnificent creatures usually from May to July when the common seals are pupping. Any areas with lots of seal pups are good places to look for orcas, so Orkney, Shetland and the Pentland Firth.

Where can I see humpback whales in Scotland?

The best site to encounter these mammals is the Inner and the Outer Hebrides inhabited by both whales and dolphins. The Shetland Islands and the Orkney Islands provide whale watching opportunities, whereas Moray Firth is renowned for bottlenose dolphin population.

Are there whales in Loch Lomond?

In the water

You might see seals in and around the lochs, and otters swimming in rivers or on the shore. Whales, dolphins and porpoises can be spotted off the west coast.

Where are the whales in Scotland?

In Scotland, they’re most often seen in the Minch and to the north of the Outer Hebrides, in the outer Moray Firth and off the Aberdeenshire coast.

Do you get whale sharks in Scotland?

Argyll & the Isles is known world-wide as a whale and basking shark hotspot. During the summer months these magnificent creatures migrate from their winter feeding grounds to Scotland to gorge themselves on plankton. There has been a huge increase in sightings off the west coast of Scotland in recent years.

What kind of dolphins are in the Moray Firth?

The Moray Firth is home to about 200 bottlenose dolphins. The most northerly population in the world, these are a robust and hardy bunch of dolphins. Although the Moray Firth is considered the ‘core’ habitat of the dolphins, within a few miles of the coast, they travel widely.