What is the best bait to catch kokanee?

Popular Kokanee baits are Pink Maggots (real or synthetic), dyed-cured shrimp and dyed-cured White Shoepeg Corn. Be sure not to put too much bait on the hook as it will take away from the lure’s action. Once piece of corn or 2 small maggots on each hook is adequate.

What is the best time to fish for kokanee?

Summer is generally considered the peak of kokanee fishing season, in large part because these fish are usually stocked in winter and early spring. By summer, they will have grown to catchable size.

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What depth do you fish kokanee?

Kokanee are most comfortable in water in the low to mid 50 degree temperature range but often come up to water temperatures as warm as 70 degrees to feed. In the early spring when the water is colder than 50 degrees, troll in the shallow grassy areas that are 10 to 20 feet deep and obtain full sunlight all day.

What kind of lures do you use for kokanee?

Popular lures include inline trolls and dodgers, which are becoming increasingly popular due to their low water resistance. Spinners, spoons, hoochies and other types of salmon lures work for kokanee, just in much smaller sizes since most kokanee don’t exceed 15 inches.

How do most anglers fishermen catch kokanee?

Trolling for Kokanee

Most frequently kokanee anglers will arrive at the lake with downriggers and a fish finder, to both find and target kokanee at the right depth. If you don’t have downriggers, you’ll often need to use weight to reach the schools. Kokanee won’t come very far up in the water column to strike a lure.

What scents do kokanee like?

The four most common scents used for kokanee are Herring Oil, Shrimp/Prawn oil, Fresh Water Shrimp Oil and Squid Oil. ProCure makes all of these scents and is well proven with kokanee. Some fishermen mix these scents with anise oil to get a combination scent.

What triggers kokanee to spawn?

Again genetic factors and environmental factors like temperature both play a role in this timing. Regardless of stock, when kokanee are ready to spawn they congregate near the mouths of streams or near lake spawning sites where they were spawned or planted using the smell of the river to home in.

How fast do you troll for kokanee?

Trolling Speeds & Tactics

Much slower speeds are used when trolling for Kokanee, unlike when fishing for Rainbow Trout where the average speed is over 2mph. Speeds for Kokanee range from . 8 to 1.8 mph. Kokanee tend to follow your gear for miles around the lake until something changes.

Where is the best kokanee fishing?

Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Utah and Wyoming: The Holy Land errr I mean Holy Water of Kokanee anglers. No other body of water is renowned for its big Kokanee than this giant desert reservoir straddling the border of Utah and Wyoming.

Are kokanee good to eat?

These game fish have become one of the most popular types to fish because it’s so much fun to catch them, and they are also excellent eating.

Can you eat kokanee raw?

After all, kokanee are salmon, and, as you may well know, sockeye flesh is the reddest of them all. And that flesh is richer than most trout, a bit soft like salmon is, and hates being overcooked — although you cannot safely eat kokanee raw unless it has been frozen first for at least a week.

Why do kokanee turn red?

When they return to spawning grounds, their bodies become red and their heads turn green. For the Kokanee salmon, even though they do not migrate to sea, they are still silver before spawning. During spawning period, the salmon begin to absorb their scales. The carotenoid pigments in their flesh are thus visible.

Do spawning kokanee taste good?

Stanton said kokanee fishing is usually good through the middle of September. “They are actually a good eating fish once they get closer to their spawning because they are fat,” said Dusty Jenkins, fishing manager at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Twin Falls. “By the time they turn red they are not as good eating.”

Are coho and kokanee the same?

While landlocked coho and Chinook are the offspring of ocean-run parents, kokanee are a landlocked subspecies of ocean-going sockeye (or “red”) salmon.

What do kokanee salmon like to eat?

Kokanee feed almost exclusively on zooplankton, tiny aquatic animals from the size of a pinprick to the size of a small fish hook. They will also eat tiny plants, insects, and freshwater shrimp when available. They strain zooplankton from the water by means of many fine combs on the gills called gill rakers.

How do you fish for kokanee without a downrigger?