What is the best bait for walleye?

Minnows. Minnows are the most popular bait option for walleye anglers, I have found consistent success with shiner and flathead minnows. When targeting bigger fish, shiners in the 4-6″ range are the mainstay, these will weed through some of the smaller fish and get you on 25″+ Walleye.

What is the best depth to catch walleye?

On clear lakes, the best depths are usually in the 10-foot to 20-foot range. However, fish movement does vary and depths as shallow as 2 feet and deeper than 20 feet can often be very productive as well. Live bait is most often used on tip-ups.

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Why are walleyes so hard to catch?

It’s not impossible, but walleye seek out deep water and shade to avoid the harsh sunlight, and they tend not to feed actively during these conditions, so you’ll have to adapt your fishing locations and tactics accordingly.

What size hooks for walleye?

The best walleye ice fishing hook size is 2, 4 or 6, and as a rule of thumb it’s better to use smaller hook sizes than you would during open water season.

What time of day are walleye most active?

While Walleye feeding peaks during sunlight transitions, they are typically more active throughout the night in comparison to the day time.

Where is the best walleye fishing right now?

Best U.S. Walleye Fishing Spots In 2022
  • Lake Francis Case, South Dakota.
  • Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota.
  • Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee.
  • Lake of the Woods, Minnesota.
  • Saginaw Bay, Michigan.
  • Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin.

What is the best weather for walleye fishing?

weather. The best times to fish walleye are when choppy conditions create current, diminish light penetration, and stir up shallow water causing baits to be more active. Windswept shorelines also will be especially good. A great time for big walleye is the three days before and after a new or full moon.

Do walleye feed up or down?

Walleyes are basically bottom feeders, but don’t ignore those fish that suspend over drop-offs in deep lakes. Some of the best summer walleye fishing is provided by suspended fish.

Can you catch walleye in the middle of the day?

Walleye can be caught during the day but you’ll need a boat to get out deep after them. Walleye will be hovering behind schools of bait down deep far from shore. If you can only fish during the day, you’ll need to fish deep.

Where do walleyes spawn in lakes?

Walleye spawn occurs in shallow waters — usually from 1 to 20 feet (0.3 to 6.1 meters) in depth and preferably rocky-bottomed areas. They use reefs, gravelly beachfronts and rip-rap used to protect the shoreline from erosion [source: Pitlo].

What colors are best for walleye?

During any low light or cloudy conditions, you should try using colors such as black, purple, and white. But on bright, sunny summer days, walleyes will love vibrant and flashy colors. Hot pink and orange crankbaits and jigs always seem to be a favorite amongst summertime walleye anglers.

How old is a 28 inch walleye?

Average Walleye Length vs. Age
Length (inches) Typical Female Age (Yrs)
28 12-13
29 14-16
30 16-17
31 18-20