What is Hawaii’s state fish called?

The humuhumunukunukuapuaa was selected as Hawaii’s official state fish in 1984.. There was no re-election campaign, which resulted in the humuhumunukunukuapuaa permanently being established as Hawaii’s official state fish in 2006.

What is Hawaii’s most popular fish?

Also named Wahoo, Ono is the most popular fish in Hawaii. It is a fast fish and is difficult to catch, making it a prize catch on our boat charters. This fish tastes similar to the mackerel, though the flavor is more subtle. In fact, Hawaiians love this fish so much, it is named after the Hawaiian word for “delicious.”

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What is the best fish to eat in Hawaii?

Hawai’i Seafood from A to Z – Guide to the Best Seafood in Hawai’i
  • ‘Ahi (Bigeye Tuna)
  • ‘Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna)
  • Aku (Skipjack Tuna)
  • A’u or Hebi (Shortbill Spearfish)
  • A’u or Kajiki (Blue Marlin)
  • A’u or Nairagi (Striped Marlin)
  • Awa (Milkfish)
  • Ehu (Red Snapper)

What fish can you not eat in Hawaii?

Table 1.
Amount to Eat
Do Not Eat No More Than Once Every Two Weeks
Kajiki (Pacific Blue marlin) Shark Swordfish (shutome) Ahi (bigeye, tombo, yellowfin tuna) Ono (Wahoo) Opah (moonfish)

Can you eat Hawaiian reef fish?

They’re delicious. But Hawaii is home to a bewildering assortment of tasty reef fish that you are unlikely to find on the menu anywhere other than a dry-erase board on a lunch truck or local fishmonger’s pickup. Designer ahi poke and grilled mahi get top billing because they look good.

Can you eat Hawaiian Barracuda?

Offshore anglers often get annoyed when a ‘cuda mauls a carefully rigged trolling bite or a hard-won live bait. But hold on before you throw that fish back. They’re also delicious and perfectly safe to eat if you consume only the small ones.

Are Papio fish good to eat?

All species of Papio are great eating. They are a meaty fish, and have more bones than Mu or Uku, but the taste is definitely there. It is mild, and a lot easier to catch than Moi, Uku, or Mu from shore.

Are there poisonous fish in Hawaii?

Hawaiian turkeyfish is a dramatic reddish-brown specimen with vertical white stripes, a long single dorsal spine, and extended spines on the pectoral fins. Its spines are venomous and can deliver a painful sting.

Is there halibut in Hawaii?

About 30,000 tons of both Pacific and Atlantic halibut are caught each year in the wild.” Hawaiian Halibut plans to eventually bring 1,000 tons of locally grown Atlantic halibut to market each year.

What fish can you catch from shore in Hawaii?

  • barracuda (kaku)
  • bonefish (o’io)
  • blue-striped snapper (ta’ape) yellow with 2 blue stripes down each side.
  • bluefin trevally (omilu)
  • flagtail (aholehole)
  • giant needlefish (aha)
  • goatfish (moana)
  • ladyfish (awa’awa)

Is it illegal to catch octopus in Hawaii?

To fish for octopus commercially, all that is required is a state of Hawaii commercial fishing permit. There is a one-pound minimum size limit and there is no harvest limit {§13-95-55}.

Can you fish in Hawaii without a license?

All anglers must have a permit to freshwater fish in Hawaii. Minors under 9 may fish with a licensee. Many marine shoreline and freshwater areas of the state are private property and permission of the landowner is required for access. Most reservoirs, stream banks and even stream beds in Hawaii are privately owned.