What fish can I put with my cichlids?

Can cichlid fish live with other fish?

They stay small, and they get along with most fish. This includes South American cichlids like the ram and checkerboard dwarf cichlid, and certain African river cichlids like the krib. These fish will generally get along with any fish that doesn’t pick on or bully them. They get along well with most species of tetra.

Can tetras live with cichlids?

Most African cichlids grow quite big and are therefore able to eat all tetras. Therefore, one can not keep African cichlids together with tetras. A popular fish to add to an African cichlid tank are silver dollars.

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Can I put a betta fish in with my cichlids?

What Happens If You Put a Betta In With a Cichlid? When you house a betta fish with a cichlid, the betta’s famous long, flowing fins can become a problem. An aggressive cichlid can harass your betta and nip and tear his fin. This will result in two problems for your betta.

How many cichlids should you have in a tank?

African cichlids do better when crowded with other African cichlids, but they should be monitored for aggressive behavior and removed if needed. A 55 gallon tank can house up to 15 African cichlids depending on species, maximum size and temperament.

Can you put a peacock cichlids with community tank?

Peacock Cichlids are an excellent choice for your community aquarium. They are a peaceful and calm species that gets along with other non-aggressive species. The vibrant colors and laid-back temperament of this breed make it an excellent choice for any aquarists looking for an addition to their community fish tank.

What big fish can go in community tank?

Congo tetras are the best freshwater community fish for schooling in larger tropical aquariums because each is relatively big in size, and they should be in a group of at least 6 companions to be comfortable. Their size and schooling behavior makes them a great addition to a spacious community aquarium.

How big of a tank do I need for 2 cichlids?

Since African cichlids are an active and aggressive species, they should have plenty of space. Fish that are at least six inches long should be considered larger, and require a minimum of 30 gallons of aquarium space. Smaller fish need at least a 20-gallon tank.

Do cichlids prefer sand or gravel?

For cichlids, a sand substrate is considered the best. That’s because cichlids love to dig and move the sand around, and they exhibit the same behavior in nature which serves many purposes, such as scavenging for food or making nests for laying eggs. The pinnacle of sands is aragonite sand.

Do cichlids like driftwood?

Avoid using driftwood, as it may cause an undesirable lowering of pH and alkalinity. When decorating your aquarium, position rocks directly on the aquarium bottom and add substrate around them to prevent stacked rocks from tumbling and damaging the tank if your cichlids burrow under lower ones.

Do cichlids need a bubbler?

Some fragile fish will not thrive in environments with too much water circulation. If this is the case, get an air pump instead of a circulation pump. If your fish need to have the “wind in their hair” or need more exercise, like African cichlids, use a circulation pump.

What can I put in a tank with a cichlid?

Top 13 Tank Mates for African Cichlid Species
  1. Red Tail Shark. Relax, they’re not sharks.
  2. African red-eyed tetra.
  3. Clown Loaches.
  4. Siamese Algae Eater.
  5. Flying Fox Fish.
  6. Giant Danios.
  7. Synodontis Catfish.
  8. Pictus Catfish.

Do cichlids like water movement?

Of course in a planted tank more water movement means less CO2 stays in the water so the plants do not grow as well. But in a cichlid tank, or Rift Lake tank, more water movement is probably better. More oxygen getting to all parts of the aquarium usually also means a cleaner looking aquarium.

Do cichlids prefer light or dark?

Originating from some of the deepest lakes in the world, cichlids thrive in dark, murky conditions full of plants, rocks and algae. If the lighting in your tank replicates these conditions, your cichlids will grow to their full potential both physically and mentally.

How often should I change my cichlids water?

Water Changes

A 15% water change 2 times per week is ideal, however once a week will suffice. This is extra important for an African cichlid aquarium besides the fact that they have high waste output and will help keep down your ammonia levels, it will also give you a more peaceful tank.

Do cichlids know their owners?

Some Fish Can Recognize Their Owners

And in the case of Cichlids they spend a lot of time remembering who is in charge, who is a potential mate, and who is lower on the totem pole or a challenger. As a result, they occasionally can add “specific thing that arrives before the food” to their list of mental priorities.

Will cichlids bite you?

As you can see, although Cichlids are known for being some fairly aggressive aquarium fish, especially towards other fish, they really are no threat to humans. They don’t bite often, and when they do, it usually won’t hurt.