What does the state divers-down symbol look like?

Diver-Down Symbol: The divers-down warning device must contain a divers-down symbol. The symbol is a red rectangle or square with a white diagonal stripe. If the symbol is rectangular, the length may not be less than the height or more than 25% longer than the height.

How far must a vessel stay away from a displayed diver-down flag in NH?

New Hampshire:

Boaters must remain a minimum of 150′ away from dive flags and maintain headway speed.

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Do you need a dive flag for snorkeling?

Many tropical destinations actually have laws that a dive flag is required for both divers and snorkelers, at all times. For example Hawaii requires it of all snorkelers, although it is almost never obeyed. We personally only use a snorkeling dive flag when we are in open water that is frequented by boaters.

When should scuba divers display divers down?


This flag explicitly signals that divers are in the water and should always be flown from a vessel or buoy when divers are in the water. When flown from a vessel, the diver down flag should be at least 20 inches by 24 inches and flown above the vessel’s highest point.

What do you do when you see a diver-down flag?

Scuba divers or snorkelers must display a diver-down flag that marks their diving area. The flag must be displayed whenever someone is diving below the surface. Vessels should stay as far away from a diver-down flag as is reasonable and prudent for the circumstances. The suggested safe distance is 100 yards.

How do you display flags on a boat?

Custom boat flags are flown at the head of the aftermost mast, from the bow staff on mastless vessels, or on the starboard rigging below the burgee.

How are nautical flags displayed?

It your vessel has one or more masts, display it single-hoisted at the outboard signal halyard of the main starboard spreader. Move any flag normally flown there to the inboard starboard halyard or, if your boat has only one halyard per side, to the port spreader halyard.

What are the three types of commonly displayed flags?

Stars and Stripes

The three most commonly displayed flags at state and federal government buildings and on military installations are the garrison, post, and storm flags.

What does R over Y flag mean?

Romeo-Yankee (R over Y) proceed at slow speed when passing.

What does a black flag mean on a boat?

BLACK FLAG: This flag is all black. It means that any boat on the course side of the start line within a minute prior to the start is disqualified. Y: Diagonal red and yellow stripes. This flag means that all competitors are required to wear personal buoyancy. L: Diagonal yellow and black squares, two each.

What does 🚩 🚩 🚩 mean?

What are all those 🚩 (red flag) emojis doing on social media? Also known as the “triangular flag,” the 🚩 (red flag) emoji is the internet slang way of saying “yikes”—especially when it comes to relationships and friendships.

What does an orange flag on a boat mean?

Flags are also used to signal your need for help. When in distress, a boat should fly an orange flag with a black square and black ball.

What does Purple Marine flag mean?

Purple flag means dangerous marine life spotted.

What does a purple flag on a ship mean?

Purple Flag – Dangerous Marine Life

This could mean jellyfish, stingrays, sea snakes, or other marine life except sharks. If a shark is in the water, then a red flag or double red flag will be hoisted. Knowing the meaning of each flag warning will help you and your family stay safe in and around the water.