What does parasailing cost in Myrtle Beach?

New Wave Watersports is located on the beach in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They offer parasailing flights, and banana boat rides for the entire family to enjoy! Parasailing costs $70 per person plus tax, and the banana boat ride costs $25 per person plus tax.

How old do you have to be to parasail in Myrtle Beach?

Please note that to participate, guests must be a minimum of 5 years of age and the weight limit must not exceed a total of 450-500 pounds per flight. Guests will be required to sign a waiver to participate.

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Do you have to hold on when parasailing?

Do I have to hold on while parasailing? While you should hold on to your harness during takeoff and landing procedures, you do not have to hold on while you are in the air because of how the harness is constructed.

What is the weight limit for parasailing?

Are there any age or weight restrictions? Minimum age is 6. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver. Minimum combined weight is 160 lbs and maximum combined weight about 450 lbs.

How old do you have to be to go parasailing?

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Children under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver for them before boarding the boat. Minimum age to parasail is 5 years of age, They must have somebody who is at least 13 in the air with them.

Do they have parasailing in Myrtle Beach South Carolina?

If parasailing is on your bucket list, you can’t miss this amazing experience in Myrtle Beach. Our parasailing adventures are based on reservations, and we recommend that you book a date and time online, over the phone, or in person in order to avoid wait times, but walk-ups are welcome! 10-12- minute flights!

How long does it take to parasail?

How long is the ride? Each flight is about 7 – 8 minutes of air time. Most trips are about an hour, depending on how many others are on the boat with you.

Can you take your phone while parasailing?

– Parasailing Adventures. “Fun!”

What happens if parasail rope breaks?

Line Separation: If the line attaching the parasailer to the boat snaps or releases for some reason, the parasailers will float free with no control, which means they could crash into a building or land ashore, with no control over their speed.

Should you parasail if you’re afraid of heights?

VIRGINIA BEACH — Common sense and physics dictate that you don’t strap a person who fears heights into a harness for a prolonged parachute ride 500 feet above sea level. But, as it turns out, those who fear heights have nothing to fear from parasailing. ”It’s not scary.

Is it hard to breathe parasailing?

The reason that you can only fly up to 500 feet in the air is for safety. At some point, it becomes a little more difficult to breathe up there. While there are plenty of buildings that are 1,000 feet or higher, they’re not always that high when you include sea level.

How high in the air is parasailing?

Most flights range between 600 and 800 feet but they can vary according to the individual’s weight, the wind at the time of the flight, or other conditions.

Who should not parasail?

Therefore, I would recommend that parasailors be at least 14 years of age to participate and fly only with an adult. Fear of Heights: You should not parasail if you panic easily; or have fear of heights; or for any other reason that makes you feel uncomfortable or hesitant to parasail.

Is parasailing safe for beginners?

Of course, as with any type of thrill, parasailing comes with some level of risk. However, if you brush up on the tips below, your first parasailing adventure will be awesome and 100% safe! 1. Choose a reputable parasailing company When it comes to parasailing, it’s an extremely fun and exciting thing to do.