Is the Toccoa River good for fishing?

There are many highly skilled anglers and other important local sources that say the Toccoa River near Helen Georgia is one of the best places to catch trophy brown trout in the State of Georgia.

Where can I fish in Toccoa GA?

Fishing Spots Near Toccoa GA
  • Tallulah Gorge State Park. Tallulah Falls, GA.
  • Moccasin Creek State Park. Clarkesville, GA.
  • Tugaloo State Park. Lavonia, GA.
  • Lake Hartwell State Park. Fair Play, SC.
  • Victoria Bryant State Park. Royston, GA.
  • Black Rock Mountain State Park.
  • Oconee State Park.
  • Oconee Station State Historic Site.

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Can you use live bait on Toccoa River?

The Toccoa River is designated as year-round trout water. However, all tributary streams, unless specifically listed as year-round water, are seasonal trout water. All anglers must have a valid Georgia Trout Stamp. Night-fishing is allowed, and any type of bait, natural or artificial, may be used.

Is Toccoa River catch and release?

This is on national forest land, and the road parallels the river for 2 miles to the lower boundary, providing good access. The river at Sandy Bottoms is artificials-only, catch-and-release fishing from November 1 through May 1, and monthly stocking provides many uneducated fish for beginners.

Where can I trout fish in Blue Ridge GA?

The hot spots for trout fishing in Blue Ridge, GA are:
  • Blue Ridge Dam Canoe Access. Just north of Blue Ridge proper, this Lake Blue Ridge Dam access allows anglers to slip their canoes into the water and be right on the fish.
  • Tammen Park.
  • Curtis Switch.
  • Horseshoe Bend Park.

Where is the best bank fishing?

Are there trout in the Toccoa River?

The river averages 35 to 50 yards in width and the trout fishery extends 14 miles running from TVA’s Blue Ridge Dam downstream to the Tennessee border. The Toccoa River holds good numbers of rainbow trout and brown trout with the average size running between 8” and 11” inches.

Can you drink on the Toccoa River?

Coolers are allowed, but no glass containers or alcoholic beverages can be taken on the river. We offer tube rentals for your cooler.

Are there bass in the Toccoa River?

Located in Northern Georgia, this river becomes impounded to create the Blue Ridge Reservoir for opportunities to fish for smallmouth bass, walleye, and white bass.

Where are the biggest trout in Georgia?

The largest trout caught in Georgia—31.5 inches, 20 pounds—was hooked on the Chattahoochee. The fishing here is remarkable. There are roughly 38 river miles of designated trout water, and it’s ideal for the two types of trout found in the Chattahoochee: brown and rainbow trout.

What is the trout capital of Georgia?

Blue Ridge is the Trout Capital of Georgia.

Is there a size limit on trout in Georgia?

Size limits: 22 inches for brown and rainbow trout and 18 inches for brook trout. It is a violation to possess a trout smaller than these limits while fishing on Waters creek.

Where is the best trout fishing in Georgia?

The communities of Blue Ridge and Clarkesville in the North Georgia mountains are two of the best places for fly fishing around, especially for trout because of the cold water. Blue Ridge is considered to be the state’s trout fishing capital with dozens of outfitters on the Toccoa River.

How many rods can you fish with in Georgia?

There is no restriction on the number of poles and lines used to fish for game fish except: Fishing for trout in designated trout waters: 1 pole. Fishing on Public Fishing Areas: 2 poles. Sport shad fishing: 2 poles.

How much is a trout license in Georgia?

Annual fishing or hunting licenses good for 365 days from its purchase date cost $15 each for state residents. Discounted short-term licenses from one to 10 days are also available for residents and non-residents. A basic one day fishing license for non-residents is only $10.

At what age do you no longer need a fishing license in Georgia?

A permit is not required for resident anglers under 16, but optional licenses are available that include mountain trout privileges for $10 for residents only. The youth fishing license is valid until the youth’s 17th birthday. Purchase a Georgia fishing license online at