Is Roatan a good place to scuba dive?

Roatan is a diver’s paradise and offers wall dives, shipwrecks, shallow corals, macro marine life (seahorses are a must) and some giants of the ocean, like the incredible whale shark. It is very versatile for divers since the dive sites are just a few minutes from the coast and there are plenty to choose from.

How much does it cost to scuba dive in Roatan?

1 to 4 Dives $40 (per tank)
Refresher Dive $80
Shark Dive $110
Equipment Rental $5 (per dive) $10 (per day)
100 cuf Tank $5 (additional to dive price)

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Are there alot of sharks in Roatan?

And when you dive Roatan, Honduras you have a chance of seeing at least 10 shark species such as hammerheads, nurse sharks and silky sharks. Shark sightings on dives in Roatan are occasional at best.

Are there saltwater crocodiles in Roatan?

The only crocodile that inhabits the Bay Islands is the crocodile of the species Crocodylus Acutus. Their distribution is limited to the mangroves of Santa Elena, Old and New Port Royal, Camp Bay, as well as at Gibson Bight in Roatan. Female crocodiles construct and deposit their eggs in nests made from natural debris.

What is the best month to go to Roatan?

The end of summer and early fall is a perfect time to visit Roatan. The heat is at its peak, so there is no better time to enjoy the gorgeous Caribbean water to cool off.

What time of year are whale sharks in Roatan?

Although you might be lucky enough to catch sight of a whale shark in Honduras at any time of year, the best months for whale sharks in Roatan are March – May and August – October. Whale sharks can be found at many sites, but we recommend a trip to the Bay Islands.

What is the hottest month in Roatan?

Mid July through the beginning of October is considered the “warm season” on Roatan. The average temperature during this period of time is in the high 80’s, with the hottest days taking place in the first week of September.

What are the rainy months in Roatan?

Rainy season in Roatan is between October and January each year. The heaviest rainfalls occur during November and December, with more random northerly storms typically hitting the island in January and February. Think of it this way: if it’s winter for you back home, it’s probably winter for us, too.

Is the water warm in Roatan?

The swimming season in this location lasts all year round. Average annual water temperature on the coast in Roatan is 82°F, by the seasons: in winter 80°F, in spring 82°F, in summer 84°F, in autumn 84°F. Minimum water temperature (78°F) in Roatan it happens in January, maximum (86°F) in September.

Has a hurricane ever hit Roatan?

The island of Roatan is too far west to be affected by most annual hurricanes. In fact, hurricanes only come across Roatan once every 26 years.

Does Roatan have a lot of bugs?

Biting bugs give Roatan beaches a bad rap. But with a little foreknowledge and preparation, they don’t need to ruin your vacation. The most common pests found on the island beaches, are locally called “jejenes”. In Scotland they are called biting midges, in the USA, no-see-ums or sand flies, but they are the same pest.

What language do they speak in Roatan?

Official Language of Roatan

The vibrant and tropical island of Roatan is located in the country of Honduras, so that makes Spanish the official language that’s most commonly spoken in the area. It is also the language taught in public schools and all official documents are also written in Spanish.

What country owns Roatan?

Part of the country of Honduras, Roatán—which is 30 miles offshore—is world’s away from the mainland. Although Honduras is Spanish-speaking and it is spoken on the island, English is also widely used thanks to its historical link to England (it was once a British colony).

What makes Roatan unique?

Roatan diving

It’s a well-known destination for coral gardens, shipwrecks such as the Odyssey and Aguila, sharks and all sorts of fish, but it’s also famous for encountering the largest fish in the sea: the majestic whale sharks.

What airport do you fly into for Roatan Honduras?

Roatan is serviced by the Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport. We have direct international flights from Atlanta, Houston, Toronto, Miami and El Salvador. There are regular domestic flights from Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba on mainland Honduras.