Is Montego Bay good for diving?

Like most tropical bays, Montego Bay is perfect for scuba diving. Moreover, certain areas considered a natural park are perfect sites for fish and divers to meet.

Do you need a wetsuit to dive in Jamaica?

A 3mm shorty should be fine for scuba diving in Jamaica during the winter months. If you tend to get cold, you might want to wear a full wetsuit. Visibility usually averages around 70-100 feet, although days over 100 ft.

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Can you swim in the ocean in Montego Bay Jamaica?

Doctor’s Cave Beach can be found in Montego Bay and is a local favorite for swimming. The beach offers gentle waves and a balmy temperature which hovers around 80F.

Where is the best diving in the Caribbean?

  • Cozumel & Riviera Maya, Mexico. Excellent Drift Diving, Beautiful Corals & Diverse Marine Life!
  • Cayman Islands.
  • Bahamas.
  • Roatan, Honduras.
  • Turneffe Atoll, Belize.
  • Silver Bank, Dominican Republic.
  • Turks and Caicos.

Where is the clearest water for scuba diving?

8 of the World’s Clearest Waters for Scuba Diving
  • Linapacan Island – Philippines.
  • The Cayman Islands – Caribbean.
  • Pensacola – Gulf of Mexico.
  • The Maldives – Indian Ocean.
  • Yucatan Peninsula – Mexico.
  • Hawaii – Pacific Ocean.
  • Lake Baikal – Russia.
  • Tobermory – Lake Huron.

Where is the dive capital of the world?

Florida: Dive Capital of the World

A must-visit area for many divers is the underwater playground of the Florida Keys. Described as the dive capital of the world, these islands hold the world’s third-largest barrier reef, thousands of mangrove-fringed islands and extensive seagrass beds.

Do you need a wetsuit to scuba dive in Caribbean?

Most divers wear wet-suits in the Caribbean. A 3mm is the standard year round. If the cold doesn’t bother you then go with a shortie or just your swimsuit especially in the summer. If you get cold easily think about possibly getting a thicker suit or wearing a hood.

Do you have to wear a wetsuit when diving?

Most scuba divers will wear wetsuits because they help maintain body temperature and help protect the body against the sun and other hazards on the open sea. Even when the air temperature and surface temperature of the water are warm, it can get quite cold the deeper you dive. So wetsuits are standard attire.

Do you need a wetsuit in the Caribbean?

The average water temperature in the Caribbean Sea is 27°C (80°F), and because of the tropical climate the variance is only a few degrees throughout the year. For most divers, diving is comfortable year-round in a 3mm shorty wetsuit and this is the most commonly rented wetsuit at local dive operators.

What colors not to wear in Jamaica?

There is absolutely no reason for you to put on a red shoes, with red pants, red shirt, a red cap and a red framed shades. Wearing full suits of bright solid colours make you look like a solid idiot. Stop. Instead, put black or white somewhere in between to play it down as fashionable.

Does Jamaica have mosquitoes?


In the evening mosquitos can be a problem. Jamaicans say the bites come from mosquitoes, ants and possibly sand fleas. So, before going to Jamaica, make sure to prepare yourself in advance and pack some long sleeves and pants.

Can you wear jeans in Jamaica?

Jamaica is hot year-round, so skip the jeans and keep fabrics light and airy. Remember that in most places in Jamaica, casual is fine. T-shirts, flowy skirts, sundresses, shorts, and linen pants are all fair game.

What should you not do in Jamaica?

Travel Tips: 7 don’ts when traveling to Jamaica
  • Don’t get into a taxi with a stranger that doesn’t have a red number plate.
  • Don’t wear camouflage clothing.
  • Don’t show off how much you own.
  • Don’t go ‘off-the-beaten-track’ in Jamaica if it’s your first time visiting.
  • Do not hitchhike and avoid traveling at night.