Is Kona good for scuba diving?

What Hawaiian island has the best scuba diving?

There is no best Hawaiian island for scuba diving — every island packs its own flavor. The Big Island offers the greatest number of dive sites, as well as sweeping biodiversity on reef dives, from manta rays to nudibranchs. The island of Kauai delivers the biggest numbers of green sea turtles.

How deep is the manta ray dive in Kona?

Manta rays night dive’s depth varies from place to place, but on average, manta rays can be found while diving at a depth of almost 35 feet if the water temperatures are between 75 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Why are divers not allowed to touch a manta ray?

Manta rays have a protective slime coating their body. Touching removes this mucus layer and compromises the creatures immune system which could cause an infection. Chances are if you are diving with a Manta, you will be encountering them on a cleaning station.

Can you see sea turtles in Kona?

If you’re looking for a great turtle Beach to visit Kona has many. Another great beach to see sea turtles on is Kahalu’u. It’s located just south of downtown Kona near the heart of Kona town. It’s great for snorkeling as well as seeing lots of turtles and reef fish.

How deep is the ocean in Kona Hawaii?

Kona has year round calm water. Just 3 miles from the harbor its 6,000 feet deep. You have a chance to catch all the pelagic species of fish here year round. The size of the blue marlin that frequent these waters off Kona.

How deep in the ocean do manta rays live?

During feeding, giant manta rays may be found aggregating in shallow waters at depths less than 10 meters. However, tagging studies have also shown that the species conducts dives of up to 200 to 450 meters and is capable of diving to depths exceeding 1,000 meters.

Do you need wetsuit for Manta Ray Snorkel?

No wet suit needed but it does get a little cool as you are in the water after dark. Easy to handle if you expect it.

Can a shark bite through a wetsuit?

The wetsuits are made of a “high tech polymer, the same material used to make tow ropes for pulling ships,” says Shark Stop inventor Hayden Burford. And while a shark’s bite might penetrate the fabric, it will only cause small puncture wounds as opposed to the brutal injuries those attacked by sharks normally sustain.

What should you not wear while snorkeling?

Women may wish to avoid wearing a string bikini when snorkeling because the ties can get caught on things in the water and easily come undone. Any kind of swimsuit with a skirt is not well-suited to snorkeling since the fabric can float up and obstruct your view of marine life below.

What is the rainiest month in Kona Hawaii?

Kona is the only region in the islands where summer rainfall exceeds winter rainfall. Our wettest month is September but this is no reason to avoid Kailua this month as in general (but by no means as a rule) it rains in the late afternoon or in the early evening.

Is there shark cage diving in Kona Hawaii?

You can expect to see a large variety of shark species here at Kona Shark Diving, like Galapagos, Blacktip, Mako, Great White, Sandbar, Hammerhead, Tiger, Reef sharks, and many more. Diving certificates or diving experience is not necessary to enjoy diving with the sharks here at Kona Shark Diving.

Can you see whales in Kona?

Whales can be spotted offshore from Kona town beaches at times, however, more sightings are likely up north. Head north on Hwy 19 until it T’s into Hwy 270 (Akoni Pule Hwy) and head left. Up here the stretch between the Kawaihae Harbor and Hawi is an excellent area to spot whales in the water from the cliffs above.

Are there tiger sharks in Kona?

Here in Kona, you can see Tiger Sharks year-round. You don’t even have to go deep. It can take a few dives at the sites near Honokohau, (or you might get lucky and see one on your first dive.)