Is flounder real fish?

Flounders are a group of flatfish species. They are demersal fish, found at the bottom of oceans around the world; some species will also enter estuaries.

What is the name of the fish in Little Mermaid?

Flounder. Flounder is a yellow and blue tropical fish (despite the name, he is not a flounder) and Ariel’s best friend, voiced by Jason Marin in the 1989 film, who also provided vocals in-character for the tie-in music album Sebastian From The Little Mermaid.

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Is Sebastian a lobster or crab?

Sebastian (full name Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian) is a crab and one of the main protagonists in Disney’s 1989 hit film The Little Mermaid, its prequel film, its TV series, and its sequel.

Is Ursula and Triton siblings?

In this novel, Ursula is King Triton’s younger sister who was betrayed by him as a child for choosing a tentacled form instead of a mermaid’s tail, and grew up as a human in the town of Ipswich with an adoptive human father.

Is Ursula a squid or octopus?

3. Ursula is a squid – not an octopus. Ursula’s original design was inspired by many different sea creatures, including scorpion fish and manta rays, before director Ron Clements decided to base the character on an octopus.

What species was Ursula?

The character, drawn by Disney Studios artist-animator Ruben Aquino, is a cecaelia or half woman, half octopus, and is loosely patterned after Divine, the larger-than-life female impersonator of John Waters films. Comedienne Pat Carroll voiced the character of Ursula.

What kind of eels did Ursula have?

Flotsam and Jetsam were the moray eel minions of the sea witch Ursula. They appear as the secondary antagonists in the film The Little Mermaid and the prequel television series. They were both voiced by the late Paddi Edwards in the film.

Who is Ursula’s daughter?

Meet Uma, fierce leader of the high seas, daughter of Ursula, the sea witch, and the newest villainess-in-training in Disney’s Descendants 2!

What God is Ursula?

Ursula is the Goddess of the sea, who, by legend, grants mermaids legs once a year. She is believed by many in the Kingdoms to be a myth.

Who was Ursula before she was banished?

Ursula was one of Maleficent’s followers, and assisted by lending the powers of the ocean. With Ursula’s help, the Heartless entered Atlantica. Ursula tricked Princess Ariel into helping her steal the Trident from King Triton so that she could see other worlds.

What gender is Ursula?

Ursula the sea witch is one of Disney’s most musically active female villains; she is one of the few original Disney female villains who literally sings. Although Ursula is female, her body features masculine characteristics and is more an exaggerated caricature of performed femininity.

What did Ursula turn Triton into?

During the battle with Ursula, King Triton was transformed into a polyp when he decided to take Ariel’s place in the deal, but shortly after the battle, (when Ursula was killed by Eric), he and the rest of polyps in the garden were transformed back into the merpeople they were before and were free from her lair.

What killed Ursula?

After setting out for Cologne, which was being besieged by Huns, all the virgins were beheaded in a massacre. The Huns’ leader fatally shot Ursula with an arrow in about 383 AD (the date varies).

Is Ursula based on a drag queen?

Well, this explains where Ursula got her eyeshadow ~look~ from. Disney’s Moana directors, John Musker and Ron Clements, have revealed that everyone’s favourite sea witch is actually based on the very iconic drag queen, Divine.

Who is the most misunderstood Disney villain?

Disney Villains Who Are Just Misunderstood
  • Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) Everyone thinks Maleficent is the worst of all villains.
  • Gaston (Beauty And The Beast)
  • Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)
  • Scar (The Lion King)
  • Hades (Hercules)

Who is the hottest villain in Disney?

And now, presented mostly without comment, we give you the Hottest Disney Villains, Ranked.
  • Shan Yu (Mulan)
  • Hades (Hercules)
  • Ursula (Little Mermaid)
  • Clayton (Tarzan)
  • Lady Tremaine/The Evil Queen (Cinderella, Snow White)
  • Yzma (Emperor’s New Groove)
  • Bellwether (Zootopia)
  • Sir Hiss (Robin Hood) Sir Hiss Image: Disney.