Is diving Molokini Crater worth it?

How deep is the Molokini Crater dive?

THE BACK SIDE – The entire back side of Molokini Crater is for experienced divers who enjoy drifts and wall dives. EDGE OF THE WORLD – Dropping to a depth of 150 feet, this area is in constant shadow, bringing out exotic ocean life.

Can you scuba at Molokini?

The backside of Molokini Crater is world-renowned for its wall dive. In general, Molokini Crater is an excellent spot to Scuba Dive in Maui as well as go snorkeling or snuba diving because of the protection from currents and excellent visibility on the inside as well as the diverse topography on the backside.

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Is the water cold at Molokini Crater?

The water temperature in Maui fluctuates between 73 degrees in the winter to 79 degrees in the summer—colder than the Gulf of Mexico, but still warmer than most oceans around the world. If you go on one of the large diesel boats, you will be asked if you want to rent a wet suit.

Can you see turtles at Molokini Crater?

The waters surrounding the island of Maui are abundant with sea turtles, and Molokini Crater is no exception. It is possible to snorkel with turtles at Molokini on any morning or afternoon. For the best Molokini snorkeling experience, book a morning tour so you can snorkel when the ocean is at its calmest.

Can you see dolphins at Molokini?

In South Maui, there is a pod of Hawaiian spinner dolphins which frequent the area around La Perouse Bay, and occasionally we will spot these dolphins on our snorkeling tours to Molokini.

How long is the boat ride to Molokini Crater?

Molokini is about 9 miles offshore (1 hr boat ride). About an hour boat ride for the other destinations too. Olowalu may take a little longer.

Is snorkeling at Molokini worth it?

Molokini Is The Best Snorkeling Spot In Hawaii

The crater itself is far from Maui’s busy beaches, and the crater’s sunken bowl protects wildlife from the open ocean, making it the perfect calm nook to see up to 250 varieties of fish, birds, and mammals, plus 38 varieties of coral.

Can you snorkel Molokini without a tour?

The only way to enjoy a Molokini snorkeling excursion is by taking a boat tour. You can choose a family friendly catamaran or a fast paced exhilarating zodiac raft. Some of the tours offer barbecue lunch while others offer a deli lunch. All of the tours include continental breakfast, snorkel gear and flotation devices.

Can you swim to Molokini Crater?

No, you can’t swim to Molokini Crater. There are 3 main areas that boats depart from. Makena and Kihei Boat Ramp are some of the closest. Maalaea Harbor is where most boats leave from, which is convenient and not far from Molokini.

Is Turtle Town and Molokini the same?

2 snorkel sites

Molokini is Maui’s #1 snorkeling destination, and it’s only accessible by boat. It is a marine life conservation district and bird sanctuary with 180 foot visibility all year round. Molokini snorkeling is like being in a fish bowl. Turtle Town is an awesome reef area where turtles hang out.

How long is the boat ride to Molokini Crater?

Molokini is about 9 miles offshore (1 hr boat ride). About an hour boat ride for the other destinations too. Olowalu may take a little longer.

How much does it cost to go to Molokini?

About This Tour:

Departure Time: 6:30 am / 7:30 am. Price Per Person: $119.95. Meeting Point: Ma’alaea Harbor. Includes: transportation to Molokini and Turtle Town, breakfast, lunch with soft drinks, snorkeling gear and flotation devices.

What is special about Molokini?

Molokini has become a world-renowned snorkel and SNUBA diving spot because of its excellent visibility–up to 80 feet. It has an area of 23 acres and is almost a half-mile wide. The water depths range from only a foot near the shore to 20-50 feet in most dive spots to over 300 feet at its deepest points.