How tall is Larry from Sally Face?

Steve Gabry 🔜 PAXU on Twitter: “@AbsoluteForehed @ShanksBuggy Adult heights: Sal – 5’6” Larry – 6’1” Ash – 5’8″ Todd – 5’11”” / Twitter.

How long is Sally Face?

There are 5 chapters in total to the game. With each chapter lasting around 3 to 4 hours. If you are unfamiliar with point-and-click games then prepare to probably double that time.

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Is Sally’s face ever revealed?

The only people that are known to have seen his real face are Henry Fisher, Ashley Campbell, Larry Johnson, and Dr. Enon. Sal would have to remove his prosthetic in order to take ID photos. Steve Gabry, the developer of “Sally Face”, said that Sal is his favorite character in the game during an interview.

What gender is Sally Face?

The game follows the titular main character Sal Fisher (otherwise known as Sally Face), a boy with a prosthetic face, who investigates local murders with his friends.

What mental illness does Sally Face have?

Sal struggles with depression and frequent night terrors. These are actually things I’ve struggled with in my life as well, which is part of the inspiration for his character. Sal’s dad, Henry, also struggles with severe depression and addiction.

What is the story of Sally Face?

Sally Face tells the story of Sal, a young boy who lost his sister when he was younger and wears a prosthetic mask. Over the course of six episodes, you unravel the mystery of Addison Apartments. Sal moves there with his fairly absent father, and it’s clear from day one that something sinister is afoot.

When did Sally Face come out?

August 16, 2016
Sally Face / Initial release date

Is Sally Face 2 coming?

Sally Face 2 is an upcoming independent dark adventure game and the sequel to Sally Face.

Did Sally Face get attacked by a dog?

We finally find out what happened to Sal’s face. Turns out, it wasn’t a dog attack after all; it was a cultist wearing a dog mask who tried to kill Sal with a shotgun. Sal’s mother managed to shield him from the shot, dying in the process, but the pellets that pierced her body still took out half of Sal’s face.

How did Sally Face lose his mom?

However, it’s later revealed that she was shot dead by Kenneth while trying to protect her son.

What age rating is Sally Face?

Sally Face is a single-player adventure game with a storyline that includes adult themes such as murder, suicide and the occult. For this reason, it has a ‘Mature‘ rating from the Electronic Software Ratings Board (ESRB).

What do the teeth do in Sally Face?

All five teeth are required to complete the birdcage puzzle in Room 502 and receive the temple key.

Is Gizmo Sally’s face a cat?

Appearance. Gizmo is a thoroughbred cat of a light auburn brown color with white stripes all over his body and a white muzzle. He has a fluffy tail and amber eyes.

What does the SF stand for in Sally Face?

It stands for Sally Face, Just Kidding it stands for Sanity Falls.

What did the note say in Sally Face?

Please don’t blame yourself and please don’t hate me. I was lucky to have you in my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother than you, dude. I know you’re gonna do great things.

Who lives in 201 in Sally face?

Mrs. Packerton lives in Room 201 of Addison Apartments.