How much is it to rent a boat at Lake Murray?

Monday-Friday rates from $309 for pontoons. Saturday and Sunday from $369. Holidays and special events may carry an extra charge.

Can you water ski on Lake Murray?

Lake Murray

We offer the best MasterCraft all purpose boats that can be used for any type of lake use. Enjoy swimming, fishing, wakeboarding, water skiing, kneeboarding, tubing, wake surfing, air chair, wake skating, sightseeing and touring the lake.

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Can you swim in Lake Murray?

Swimming in Lake Murray is refreshing! #1 Our number one swimming hole is Lake Murray, the Jewel of South Carolina, a 50,000-acre lake with lots of room to swim. A great swimming spot on the lake is Dreher Island State Park. This state park is an island on Lake Murray and has many spots to take a dip in the water.

Does Lake Murray cost money?

Please be aware there are daily parking fees now required throughout Lake Murray State Park. These fees start at $10 per vehicle per day. You can find more information on the parking fees on the website.

Are there alligators in Lake Murray?

Officials with the state game and fish commission used to say there were none, but in 2021 they conceded that an alligator can occasionally be seen on one side of the lake. Also in 2021, the state parks department said there were no alligators at Lake Murray.

Can you paddleboard on Lake Murray?

In addition, Better Boating also offers kayak and paddleboard rentals. So, go have some fun and soak in the sun on beautiful Lake Murray!

Do you need a fishing license for Lake Murray?

A state fishing license is required. There is no camping allowed at Lake Murray.

Do you need a fishing license for Lake Murray Oklahoma?

All residents and non-residents of Oklahoma are required to carry a fishing license or written proof of an exemption in order to take, attempt to take, or possess fish in the state. To fish in some areas, such as Honobia Creek, you need additional permits, but for Lake Murray, you only need a license.

How long of a walk is Lake Murray?

The Lake Murray Dam Walkway is a walking pathway is directly across the top of the Dreher Shoals Dam along S.C. Highway 6. It’s a popular place for walking and jogging. The distance is 1.7 miles each way for a total walk of 3.4 miles.

Can you launch a boat at Lake Murray?

Lake Murray Boat Ramp & Public Access Areas – Lake Murray

In addition to the multiple marina locations, there are 11 public lake access areas available at Lake Murray. Amenities vary by location and include boat launch ramps, fishing piers, restrooms, paved and unpaved parking, gas islands, picnic areas and more.

Is Lake Murray used for drinking water?

In May 2000, Lake Murray was designated a No Discharge lake for marine toilets due to the lake’s role as a major water recreation area, a container of drinking water intakes, and as an area of increasingly intensive boating activities.

What is the depth of Lake Murray?

Lake Murray / Max depth

What lives in Lake Murray?

These include: white-tailed deer, grey squirrels, egrets, osprey, purple martins, Canadian geese and mallard ducks. Aquatic species found in Lake Murray include: hard/softshell turtles, striped bass, large/smallmouth bass, bream, crappie and catfish. Please note: there are no alligators in Lake Murray.

What is Lake Murray known for?

Lake Murray is a 50,000-acre man-made lake in the Midlands of South Carolina. It is operated by South Carolina Electric and Gas Company and is known for striped bass fishing and summer water sports.