How much is a fishing ticket in Arkansas?

Which license do I need to fish for game fish in Arkansas?
Cost Obtain
Nonresident Annual Fishing License (NRF)
$50.00 Online Dealers Regional Offices
Nonresident 3-Day Trip Fishing License (NT3)
$16.00 Online Dealers Regional Offices

Where can I buy an Arkansas fishing license?

Fishing licenses can be easily purchased online from the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission or from a state fishing license agent such as a tackle shop or outdoor sporting goods store. You can also purchase your fishing license in person in hunting and fishing supplies store, and some discount chains.

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What is the limit of fish you can catch in Arkansas?

Out for Comment
Species Statewide Daily Limit
Alligator Gar 1 Under 36 Inches 1 Over 36 Inches Annually with Tag
Black Basses 10 (including no more than 4 Smallmouth)
Bream (over 4 inches length) 50
Catfish (except Bullhead) 10

How many fishing rods can you use in Arkansas?

(1) An angler shall use no more than one fishing rod or pole, and must attend it at all times. No other devices shall be used to catch fish. (2) Catch and Release Stream. All trout caught must be immediately released.

Can you get an Arkansas fishing license at Walmart?

Need a fishing license? You can purchase your Arkansas fishing license at a variety of dealers throughout the state such as Wal-Mart, gas stations, and marinas.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in Arkansas?

Court-Imposed Penalties Upon Conviction for AGFC Code Violations. Fine of $100 to $1,000 and a jail sentence of 0 to 30 days.

Can you fish with two rods in Arkansas?

It is legal to fish with 2 rods in Arkansas. In California, you can use 2 rods if you purchase a second-rod validation. In Colorado, you can use 2 rods if you purchase an additional rod stamp.

Is it legal to fish at night in Arkansas?

Arkansas doesn’t have any specific regulations against fishing at night. It is entirely legal.

Can you use goldfish as bait in Arkansas?

In Arkansas it’s legal to use goldfish as bait. In California it’s legal to use goldfish as bait. In Colorado it’s illegal to use goldfish as bait. In Connecticut it’s illegal to use goldfish as bait.

How many hooks can you fish with in Arkansas?

States with a 5 Hook or No Limit:

Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia all have a 5 hook or no limit for Alabama rigs.

How far should your weight be from your hook?

For shallower water, it is recommended to place your hook three to six inches above the weight. For deeper water, the hook can be adjusted to nine inches from the weight to no more than a foot and a half because of the leverage.

Can you fish with corn in Arkansas?

Common trout baits include corn, night crawlers, redworms, wax worms, crayfish tails, sculpins, minnows, salmon eggs and commercially produced molded dough-type baits.

What is the best month to fish in Arkansas?

Spring. Take a fishing tour of Arkansas in April or May, when you can enjoy fabulous spring bass fishing on Beaver Lake, excellent spring walleye fishing on Lake Ouachita and superb spring trout fishing on Bull Shoals Lake. Stripers usually hit top-water baits in April and May.

What is the biggest fish in Arkansas?

Arkansas State Fishing Records
Species Weight Date
Trout, Lake 11 lbs., 5 oz. 12/15/1997
Trout, Rainbow 19 lbs., 1 oz. 03/14/1981
Walleye* 22 lbs., 11 oz. 03/12/1982
Warmouth 1 lb., 8 oz. 05/28/1998

Why is chumming illegal?

Chumming is illegal in some parts of the world (such as in the U.S. state of Alabama) because of the danger it can pose by conditioning sharks to associate feeding with human presence. Floridan restrictions for chumming include local laws in saltwater areas.

What can I throw in the water to attract fish?

Fish oil, like menhaden oil, is a powerful enhancer that can attract fish species through attractive smell. It can be used by dripping a small amount into the water. Another way to administer it is to mix your menhaden oil or milk into your chum mix before you dump it in.