How much is a boat ride on the River Thames?

How long is a Thames River cruise?

What is the journey time? The full length of the cruise, heading from Westminster to Greenwich piers, takes 70 minutes one way, 180 minutes return. From Westminster to Tower Pier, it’s 40 minutes one way, 80 minutes return.

Can you ride a boat in the River Thames?

Whether you opt for a luxurious dining cruise or an adrenaline-pumping speedboat experience, see London’s famous sites on a top river Thames cruise. The river Thames is the perfect vantage point for some of London’s most iconic sites.

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How long does the London river cruise take?

The London Eye River Cruise is a 40 minute circular sightseeing tour, along the River Thames. Departing from The London Eye pier you will be taken on route to see the House of Parliament, though to The Tower of London and Tower Bridge, where you will return back to The London Eye Pier.

Do you have to wear a life jacket on the Thames?

Yes. The Thames is a challenging and busy river. It can be harsh and unforgiving. Everyone on small recreational boats and craft should wear a lifejacket at all times.

How far up the River Thames is navigable?

The Thames is navigable by small boat up to the town bridge of Cricklade, close to the source, though motor cruisers and barges must turn at Lechlade, 10 miles (16 km) downstream.

Can you moor anywhere on the Thames?

Base mooring at lock sites. If you keep, or mainly use, your boat on the River Thames you must have a proper base mooring. This is somewhere to put your boat when you are not cruising, such as a marina berth. If you live on your boat as your only place of residence, you need to have an approved residential mooring.

How long is the boat ride from Westminster to Greenwich?

About the Cruise

Join us for a 1-Hour (Single) or 2-Hour (Return) trip from Westminster Pier to the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Are there tours of the Thames Barrier?

See the Thames Barrier By Boat

Thames River Sightseeing operate sightseeing cruises through the Thames Flood Barrier five times each day between April – October. Passengers can join a cruise to the Thames Barrier from Westminster Pier, St. Katharine Pier & Greenwich Pier.

Why is Thames Barrier closed?

The barrier is closed under storm surge conditions to protect London from flooding from the sea. It may also be closed during periods of high flow over Teddington Weir to reduce the risk of river flooding in some areas of west London including Richmond and Twickenham.

Do cruise ships go up the Thames?

Cruise ships vary from the smaller posher sleeker ships of Edwardian times through to the massive white leviathans of modern-day cruising. In London, the mega-boats usually moor up at Tilbury, although some can get to Greenwich.

Tower Bridge Upper.

Sat 9th April Hanseatic Spirit
Tue 4th October Hanseatic Inspiration

Where do cruise ships leave from London?

Passengers’ guide to using Dover cruise terminals

The Dover cruise terminals are about 75 miles (120km) from Central London. It is one of three ports used by cruise ships visiting the London area. The others are Southampton and Harwich, both a similar distance from London than Dover.

Where do London cruises go?

Lines that offer cruises from London

Itineraries that use London as an embarkation port generally visit Northern Europe, the Baltic and Scandinavia, though it is also possible to find sailings to the Mediterranean and Canary Islands.

Which is the best cruise from London?

  • Seabourn Cruises from London.
  • Silversea Cruises from London.
  • Windstar Cruises from London.
  • Oceania Cruises from London.
  • MSC Cruises from London.
  • Azamara Cruises from London.
  • Ponant Cruises from London.
  • Viking Ocean Cruises from London.

Where is Carnival port in London?

Transfers from the Victoria Coach Station to the Port of Dover are located at 164 Buckingham Palace Rd, Belgravia, London, SW1W9TP. Departure is at 11:30 AM on the day of embarkation and at 9:00 AM on the day of debarkation.

Can you take a cruise to London?

Only small ships can sail up the Thames to London; the U.K. capital is otherwise served by cruise ports in Southampton, Dover, Tilbury and Harwich. Transfers to London may or may not be provided by your cruise line.

Is there a cruise that goes around the UK?

Scenic cruises around the British Isles. Escape the everyday with a scenic cruise of Britain’s coast on board Queen Victoria. Departing from Southampton, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted sailing around England, Ireland and Scotland from the comfort of your ship, with endless time to unwind as you voyage.