How much does it cost to take a boat on The Falkirk Wheel?

Adult £13.50. Concession £12.00 (anyone over 60, holding an Access Card, full time Student or Falkirk Council Tax Payer. We may ask to see proof of age or status)

Can any boat use The Falkirk Wheel?

Yes, use of the Wheel is free to all private pleasure boat licence holders. It is best to book your passage time ahead.

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Can you see The Kelpies for free?

You can visit The Kelpies free of charge any time of the day, 365 days of the year due to their prime location in The Helix park. The area around the massive sculptures has been designed to give access for all, meaning everyone can come and see them up close.

Are The Kelpies lit up every night?

A common question is, do the Kelpies light up at night? The good news, is they do every night!

How far apart are the kelpies and The Falkirk Wheel?

It’s about 4.5 miles.

Is there parking at Falkirk Wheel?

Parking. The main car park is a 5 – 10 minute walk along the side of the canal with a slight incline. There is a charge of £3.50 per day for parking. This payment helps to maintain The Falkirk Wheel and Scotland’s Canals.

Can you see The Falkirk Wheel?

Visitors can get the full ‘The Falkirk Wheel Experience’ by taking one of the special “trip” boats at the site, however, the visitor centre gives a perfect viewpoint from which to watch the Wheel in action.

How much did it cost to build The Falkirk Wheel?

The Falkirk Wheel cost £17.5 million, and the restoration project as a whole cost £84.5 million (of which £32 million came from National Lottery funds).

Is the Falkirk Wheel the only one in the world?

The Falkirk Wheel is the only fully rotating boat lift in the world. The wheel was built as part of the £85.4m Millennium link project to reunite the Forth and Clyde and Union Canals in Scotland.

Where is the boat lift in Scotland?

The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift in Tamfourhill, Falkirk, in central Scotland, connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. It reconnects the two canals for the first time since the 1930s. It opened in 2002 as part of the Millennium Link project.

Can you see The Falkirk Wheel at night?

I think they are floodlit from when it gets dark. They tend to stay the same colour for a week then they change – often the colour at night supports various charity weeks. As far as I’m aware the Falkirk wheel is illuminated at night.

Why is The Falkirk Wheel famous?

The world’s only rotating boat lift, The Falkirk Wheel links the Forth & Clyde Canal to the Union Canal 35 metres above, allowing vessels to sail through the sky thanks to a unique fusion of art and engineering – and the same power it would take to boil eight kettles.

What happened to The Falkirk Wheel?

These were dismantled in 1933.

How long is the Forth and Clyde Canal?

The Forth & Clyde Canal is approximately 35 miles (57km) in length with 40 locks to negotiate, and a minimum of 21 hours should be allowed for passage. The Union Canal is approximately 31 miles (51km) in length, and is a contour canal with only one moving structure at Leamington Lift Bridge in Edinburgh.