How much does it cost to rent a canal boat in the UK?

Hire boat prices vary depend on time of year and boat size but are probably between £350 to £450 per person per week. Hotelboat Holidays are usually all inclusive, fully catered and serviced, costing between £1,000 to £1,500 per person per week.

Can I hire a canal boat UK?

The narrowboat is the modern version of the cargo vessels that travelled the canals before the railways. Now these boats contain every creature comfort and are available for hire across the UK and in Ireland. These canal boats have modern kitchens, beds which can be left made up, heating, showers and toilets.

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Can anyone drive a canal boat in the UK?

Unlike a car, you do not need a licence to drive a canal boat or any other kind of pleasure craft on the canals.

Do you need a boat license to rent a boat UK?

Do I need a licence to go boating in the UK? The simple answer is that unlike a car, where you need a driving licence, there isn’t a “boating licence” as such for those boating for the purposes of private pleasure.

Can you rent narrow boats to live on?

Whether you are looking for a longer term Narrowboat holiday, or to live on a narrowboat permanently, we can serve you. We have a diverse fleet of narrowboats, at a far lower cost than long term holiday hire. Bookings range from 3 months upward.

Do canal boats have toilets?

Narrowboat Toilet Systems – Pump-Out Toilets. In its most basic form, the pump-out toilet is a conventional toilet which sits on top of a stainless steel tank. If you want to transfer your waste to the steel box, you need to open a flap between the toilet and the reservoir.

Which is the prettiest canal in UK?

5 Best scenic canal routes UK
  • Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal from Goytre Wharf.
  • Kennet & Avon Canal from Hilperton Marina.
  • Chester return from Gailey Wharf.
  • Llangollen Canal from Whitchurch Marina.
  • Forth & Clyde Canal from Falkirk.

How far can you travel on UK canals?

At a rate of 3MPH (rather than 4 to make up for the time lost at locks etc.), this would give you a daily range of around 21 miles. This range will of course vary wildly by how many locks there are on the stretch of canal you are navigating. For example, the Huddersfield Narrow Canal is exactly 19.9 miles in length.

What is the most famous canal in the UK?

Perhaps one of the UK’s most famous canals is the Oxford Canal. A quaint canal which winds through a number of traditional southern-English villages and towns. You can start in the capitals River Thames, before taking on the waterways of the Cotswolds.

Which canal has least locks?

Stretching from Preston all the way to Kendal on the doorstep of the Lake District, the ‘Lanky’, as the Lancaster Canal is affectionately known, gives you a full 41 miles of lock-free cruising – the longest stretch in the country.

Can you drive a narrowboat at night?

Can I drive a narrowboat at night? As with regular canal boats, if you own the boat, you can technically travel any time you want. However, it is strongly recommended you have proper lighting, and don’t travel in snow and ice.

How far can you travel on a canal boat in a day?

How far can I travel? During the summer months you can expect to cruise for anywhere between four and seven hours a day. Travelling at 3-4mph for four hours a day will mean you cover around 80 to 100 miles in a week.

Can you drink and drive a boat UK?

Alcohol and boating law in the UK

Locally, most harbour authorities have harbour byelaws under which they can prosecute if boaters are found to be under the influence of alcohol when in charge of a vessel. The RYA encourages harbour authorities to enforce those rules.

Is canal boating easy?

It’s easy. Canal boat hire firms provide the (minimal) training that you’ll need to operate the boat, the locks, and the bridges before sending you on your way. A towpath runs along one side of a canal. (This, in early days, was used by the horses that towed the boats.)