How much does a koi fish cost?

Koi Fish Prices
Shop Source Price
Petco United States $10 to $17
Liveaquaria East Asian standard koi farm $8 to $20
Next Day Koi Israel $30 to $660
Kloubec Koi United States advanced koi farm $100 to $2,500

Where do you get koi fish from?

They are sold in many pet aquarium shops, with higher-quality fish available from specialist dealers. Collecting koi has become a social hobby.

How do you buy koi?

You can buy koi fish online or on the phone. Please call us M-F at +1 (833) Koi Love (1-833-564-5683) with any questions. Sign up for wholesale here.

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How long do koi live for?

25 – 35 years
Koi / Lifespan

What do I need to know before buying a koi fish?

21 Things You Should Know Before You Become a Koi Owner
  • Water Quality is Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy.
  • Get to Know The Nitrogen Cycle.
  • Everyone is an Expert.
  • You Will Have to “Season” Your Pond.
  • Your First Pond Won’t Be Your Last.
  • Algae Isn’t Always The Enemy.
  • Don’t Put Your Prized Koi into a Brand New Pond.

Are koi expensive to buy?

The cost for koi fish can range depending on if you buy one at a time or more than one. They can be $20 each or even $85 each depending on the type.

Are koi good investments?

For those who are less sentimental, however, koi do make a good alternative investment. But you have to know how to pick them and how to look after them. A koi’s value is based on its size, bloodline, accolades, beauty and breeder.

When should I buy koi?

It’s best to buy koi fish in the spring. That way they have the entire summer to grow before the harsh winter sets in. Koi can grow up to 6” in the first season alone! If you’re buying a specific variety of koi fish, prices can be all over the board.

Are koi difficult to keep?

Is it Hard to Take Care of Koi Fish? No, koi fish care is not hard, but has specific challenges. Keeping their water clean, balanced and aerated is the highest priority. They can survive through winters and are omnivores with plenty of food options.

Are koi high maintenance?

While koi fish may be known for their grace and beauty, few know that they are also one of the dirtiest and high-maintenance fish to own. Because they like to root up the pond’s bottom surface, and because they produce a lot of waste, koi pond water can easily become mucky and dingy.

Do koi need to be fed every day?

How Often to Feed your Koi Fish. We recommend that you feed your fish once a day. This will provide enough nutrients for healthy fish and a healthy pond. Feeding them too often can put an excess amount of nutrients into your pond which can cause algae issues.

How often should you change koi water?

If you are looking to raise your koi and keep them healthy, you should consider performing at least a 10% to 20% water change each week if possible. If your goal is to raise your koi to their full potential, both in color and size, you might want to consider performing even more substantial water changes.

Do koi like dirty water?

Just like humans, koi can survive in some kinds of dirty water for short periods of time, but they’re unlikely to thrive. Also like humans, there are certain types of pollutants that can prove to be deadly within very short periods.

Do koi fish need treated water?

Untreated Tap Water Isn’t Koi-Friendly

You should make it a habit to double-check if the tap water you’re using for the pond has been conditioned. Make sure you always have plenty of conditioner on hand, as it’s one of the most essential koi pond supplies.

Do koi need special water?

Water that has a variety of minerals in good balance is best for koi. Distilled water (which will not support koi) added to a bit of sea water for its salt and mineral content, is perfect for Koi. In Niigata, pure water comes from from snow, soaks into the ground and collects various minerals.