How much does a full set of scuba gear cost?

Scuba gear cost will range between $1000-$5000 for a full set of gear. Similar to most product lines there is a wide range of scuba gear from economical to very high end. Depending on the type of scuba diving you will be doing will depend on the type of gear you will need.

Is SSI better than padi?

In conclusion, there is very little difference between PADI and SSI. As a recreational diver, the differences are so small that if you aren’t completing a course, you probably won’t notice. Both maintain high standards of training around the world. Both are globally acknowledged as diving qualifications.

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What is the most recognized scuba certification?

A PADI Open Water Diver card is the most recognized scuba certification in the world. With more than 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts worldwide, it can be hard to choose where to start.

Is SSI hard to get approved?

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the disability approval rating at the initial application stage is roughly 36%. That means 6 out of every 10 applications for disability benefits will be denied. Approval ratings do, however, increase for cases that are appealed.

Is SSI diving recognized worldwide?

The first thing to understand is that both PADI and SSI are recognized worldwide diving qualifications, and as a recreational diver, they share a diving-level-structure. It’s only if you decide to make the jump over to become a professional diver that things really differ.

Is SSI diving internationally Recognised?

Let’s just focus on PADI or SSI as a case in point. Both certifications are accepted the world over, both have on-line eLearning programs, and both have extensive training pathways.

Is SSI certification good for life?

The SSI Open Water Diver is our most popular certification level. This globally-recognized certification will allow you to dive with another certified diver, worldwide, to depths of up to 18m / 60 feet and is valid for life.

Which is better PADI or SDI?

If you’re looking to become professional as a scuba diving instructor you may want to opt for PADI since it is the more well-known of the two. If you want to pursue diving as a career (and not be a dive instructor) then SDI may work better for you, given their connection to TDI.

Does PADI recognize SDI?

Is SDI training A PADI recognised course? Yes, SCUBA Diving International (SDI) certifications are fully recognised by all PADI, and SSI Dive Centers anywhere in the world. PADI is a training agency like SDI, they both provide training that is world recognised and endorsed by the Royal SCUBA Training Council (RSTC).

How do you become a master diver at SSI?

To earn the prestigious SSI Master Diver rating, you must log at least 50 dives and get certified in a minimum of four SSI specialty courses of your choosing plus the SSI Diver Stress and Rescue course. Specialty courses enhance your dive skills and begin your journey to become a Master Diver.

Can you make a living as a divemaster?

Being a divemaster is a professional activity that can become an amazing job that takes you all over the world, or here to Indonesia to start. But most of the time it’s not financially sustainable as a full-time job, so it can make a really great seasonal job that you can do for periods at a time.

Can you dive anywhere with SSI?

Yes. Any of the dive organizations in the world can give you the Open Water scuba diving certification, and with it you can dive in every dive center in the world for the rest of your life – an SSI diver can of course dive in a PADI Dive center or the other way round.

How do I get dives verified by Social Security?

Once you have completed all required training sessions, final exam and open water training dives, your SSI Training Center will issue your digital certification card which will show up instantly on your MySSI App. We congratulate you on your accomplishment and welcome you to SSI’s global diving community.