How much does a 24 ft party barge weigh?

A good rule of thumb is that a pontoon boat should weigh between 100 and 120 pounds per foot. For example, we would expect a 24-foot boat to weigh between 2,400 and 2,880 pounds, depending on amenities. There are additional factors that come into play when towing. A full fuel tank can add a lot of weight, for example.

How long is a Sun Tracker Party Barge?

Length 6.1 m 20′
Deck Length 5.38 m 17′ 8”
Deck Width 2.49 m 8′ 2”
Max. Recommended HP 75 HP
Fuel Capacity 121.5 L 32.1 gal.

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How much does a SUN TRACKER Party Barge cost?

BASE PRICE $ 31,995.00 INCLUDES: MERCURY 90 hp 4 Stroke Command Thrust. At 21′ 11” long and 8′ 6” wide, the PARTY BARGE® 20 DLX is right-sized for towing to and from the water, but still provides plenty of room and features for a crew of 10.

How much is a 20ft pontoon boat?

How Much Does A 20 Foot Pontoon Boat Cost? The average cost of a 20-foot Pontoon Boat is $30,340, with the least expensive brand (SunTracker) at around $27,000, while Suncatcher and Tahoe Pontoons are tied at around $32,000.

How much does a 18 ft Sun Tracker pontoon boat weigh?

Max. Person Weight 544.31 kg 1200 lbs.
Max. Person, Motor & Gear Weight 805.13 kg 1775 lbs.
Interior Depth 60.96 cm 24”
Average Dry Weight 666.78 kg 1470 lbs.
Average Package Weight 1353.97 kg 2985 lbs.

How wide is a 20 foot pontoon boat?

Small Pontoon Boats

However, small boats also vary in type and size. The ones that are 20 feet long will be approximately 8 feet wide, while those below 12 feet have a beam of 7 feet.

How wide is a Sun Tracker pontoon boat?

m 8′ 6”

Why are SUN TRACKER boats so cheap?

SUN TRACKER® boats are built by White River Marine Group, the largest boat builder in the world by volume. Higher volume means lower prices for top quality raw materials and components. This is because serving one large customer is less costly for suppliers than servicing several smaller ones.

Why does my pontoon nose dive?

Pontoon boats usually nosedive due to too much weight, other common reasons for nose diving are bad weight distribution, water in the tubes, wrong motor type and bad handling.

What size motor do I need for a 20 foot pontoon boat?

What Size Motor For A 20′ Pontoon Boat? If you want to get at around 20MPH-24MPH, you can get by with a 60 HP motor. If you want speeds around 24-29 MPH or more, then you should go with a 90HP motor.

How fast will a 150 hp pontoon boat go?

How Fast Can A 150 HP Pontoon Boat Go? A 150 HP motor on a pontoon boat has an average top speed of 38.2 MPH, but speeds range from 35 MPH to 43.7 MPH.

How fast will a 90 hp outboard go on a pontoon?

21-foot pontoon boat with a 90 HP engine could hit 25 miles per hour.

Do pontoons flip easy?

It is almost impossible to flip a pontoon boat, whether a bitoon or a tritoon. Their unique design makes them almost incapable of flipping over, with reports of such incidents happening being very rare.

Can Tritoons handle rough water?

Can Tritoons handle rough water? Generally speaking, pontoons can handle much better in choppy water than other recreational boats since they have at least two hulls, providing more stability to the boat than one hull could.

Can a Tritoon go in the ocean?

Thanks to modern design and technology, as well as advancements in both materials and construction, the answer to the original question — can you take your pontoon boat into open waters — is a resounding yes.

What are the disadvantages of a pontoon boat?

5 Disadvantages of Pontoon Boats
  • Speed. Pontoon boats can go over 100mph (160kph) in extreme circumstances, but most pontoon boats sit right around the 28 – 35 mile per hour mark if you have a 90hp engine or faster (and an overall length under 24′).
  • Rough Water.
  • Wake Shape.
  • Handling.
  • Outboard Noise.