How long is the ferry crossing to Isle of Arran?

There are two ferries to Arran: You can take the ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick, which takes 55 minutes. Vehicle reservations are recommended. You can travel from Claonaig in Kintyre to Lochranza, at the north end of Arran, which takes 30 minutes.

How much does it cost to take a car to Arran?

The passenger fare is on top of the car fare for the ferry and, yes, it is £30.20 return for a car and £7.50 return for a passenger. Parking is easily available on Arran and it is free.

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How many days do you need in Arran?

A one day trip is enough to see the island. But if you want to explore and get the feel for it, take one or two additional days. The island is small but the local bus still needs 1 hour and 20 minutes from Lohranza in the North to Kildonan in the south.

How long should I spend on Arran?

I’d recommend spending at least 3-5 days on the island, longer if you can, to really get the most from your trip. Getting to Arran is easy, with CalMac Ferries running daily from Ardrossan to Brodick. The journey takes just 55 minutes, and advanced booking is highly recommended.

Can you take a car to the Isle of Arran?

The crossing from Ardrossan to Brodick takes 55 minutes and it is advisable to book your crossing in advance if you are planning to bring a car to the island. Alternatively, during the summer months, you can also sail from Claonaig (Kintyre) to Lochranza in the north of the Island.

Can you bring your car to the Aran Islands?

Please note – it is not possible to bring your car over to the Aran islands, as the ferry services do not allow for this. Vehicles can be left at the ports and the airport before boarding.

Do you need to take a car to Arran?

Head for Arran. Arran is perfect for a day or two’s adventuring – and perfectly doable without a car. Fancy a hike up Goatfell? Stroll off the ferry and catch the ten-minute bus to the Arran Brewery, at the start of the trail.

Are there rats on Arran?

What happened in between was that rats from ships had been introduced. The first rat was recorded in 1889, and a year later the light-keepers killed over 900 rats. “They are all over the island, from the very top down to the water’s edge”.

Do you get midges on Arran?

Midges are wee beasties that come out in still, warm, damp weather and give you little bites (well, the female ones do…!). They’re pests, but we’re not overrun with them on Arran – wear a good repellent such as Smidge, cover up or stay indoors at dusk and dawn when they are most prevalent.

Do you need to book the ferry to Arran?

To help us manage demand effectively, we strongly advise all foot passengers on our bookable routes make a reservation prior to travel.

How many cars does the Arran ferry hold?

This can carry up to 120 cars and 1000 passengers, with cars driving straight through and using the stern door at Brodick and the bow door at Ardrossan. During the summer months, the normal service is supplemented by a number of return crossings each day by the smaller MV Saturn.

How long does it take to drive round Arran?

Driving on the Isle of Arran

The route is approximately 70 miles long. Altogether it will take 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete the whole island. However, that is without stopping to enjoy the destinations on the way. Aspects of Scotland’s rich heritage and cultural history present themselves at every turn on Arran.

Can you see the Northern Lights from the Isle of Arran?

1. Arran. Head to the Isle of Arran this winter for a chance to spot the Northern Lights.

Can you see the northern lights on Arran?

This is one of the best places in Europe to marvel at the stars and planets and watch spectacular meteor showers. With optimum conditions, both the Ayrshire Coast and Arran are known as hot spots for catching a glimpse of nature’s best light show, the Aurora Borealis, also known as The Northern Lights.

How often does the ferry go to Arran?

We have a daily ferry service of 5 sailings in the summer months with some extra ones at weekends and a slightly reduced service in winter. The ferry, the Caledonian Isles, is a very reliable boat in all weathers and she’ll get you to Arran if she possibly can!

How long is the ferry from Glasgow to Arran?

Arran Travel Information

Ardrossan is only a 45 minute journey from Glasgow, and is accessible by car or public transport. Lochranza in the north of the island is served by a ferry from Claonaig, a small port on the Kintyre Peninsula in Argyll.