How long is the boat trip to Lundy?

How long is the boat trip from Bideford to Lundy?

The crossing takes 2 hours and we usually have about 6 hours on the island. You will find the ‘Oldenburg’ moored alongside the new Lundy Shore Office half way along the quayside and you need to be at the shore office one hour before the departure time to allow for tickets to be allocated and loading etc.

How do you get to Lundy Island?

Situated just off the Devon coast, the best way to get to Lundy Island is via the MS Oldenburg ferry, which sails to the island regularly from Bideford or Ilfracombe. There are also several reputable charter companies who provide boat services, and you can even get to Lundy Island by helicopter.

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Can you swim on Lundy Island?

A totaly wild Island with Puffins,seals and Dolphins situated off the N devon Coast where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bristol channel. These waters are the ideal waters to have a fantastic day / weekend swimming around Lundy Island. To do this type of swimming it is essential to have boat cover.

Are the puffins still on Lundy Island?

Puffins tend to live in burrows in short grass at the top of cliffs and feed on fish, making Lundy a great place to spot them because of the marine conservation area – where fishing is not allowed. There is a colony of puffins living at Jenny’s Cove on the island.

How long does it take to get to Lundy Island from Woolacombe?

You take MS Oldenburg* – a 1950s supply ship decked out in brass and wood. You’ll board in either Ilfracombe or Bideford (both just a short drive from Woolacombe). Some two hours of often surging seas later, and you’ll reach Lundy.

Can you stay overnight on Lundy Island?

There are 23 very individual self-catering properties available for short breaks and weekly holiday lets. There’s also a campsite, a pub, a church, a working farm, three lighthouses and about one thousand acres of unspoilt nature.

Can you eat on Lundy Island?

Lundy offers day-visitors plenty of choices for sustenance during their time on the Island.

Is there WIFI on Lundy Island?

Telephone There is a public payphone in the Tavern. Mobile Devices Mobile coverage on the Island is variable. Internet Access Please be aware that there is presently no public internet access on Lundy. It is however possible to pick up a 4G signal depending on weather and coverage.

When should I go to Lundy Island?

Uniquely placed 18km off the North Devon coast, Lundy is an island surrounded by a wealth of marine habitats. The main dive season runs from April to October and the island can be reached on our supply ship MS Oldenburg, on one of the local reputable charter companies or on your own transport.

Can you walk around Lundy Island?

Circular walk along undulating footpaths and tracks. Part of the route along the old quarry railway is level. A free Lundy map is available from either the shore office, on the ferry or on the island.

When can you see puffins on Lundy Island?

The nesting period for puffins on Lundy is between April and July, although sightings outside of this time are not uncommon. Jenny’s Cove and St. Phillip’s Stone have proved to be two of the best locations for puffin viewing, however, puffins can be seen along much of the island’s west and north coasts.

Where are the puffins on Lundy Island?

The best place to see puffins on Lundy are Jenny’s Cove and St. Phillip’s Stone – both on the west coast, although some may also be seen on the island’s north coast. Other Lundy seabirds include Manx shearwaters.

How far is Lundy Island from the mainland?

Lundy is the largest island in the Bristol Channel. It lies 10 nautical miles (19 km) off the coast of Devon, England, about a third of the distance across the channel from Devon to Pembrokeshire in Wales. Lundy gives its name to a British sea area and is one of the islands of England.

Does Lundy mean puffin?

The name Lundy means ‘puffin island’ in Old Norse,” Green said, explaining that this is a legacy of the Viking raiders who used Lundy as a base of operations from the 8th Century AD, though they were far from the first inhabitants. “Lundy’s history is long and colourful,” he said.

Are dogs allowed on Lundy Island?

Can I bring a pet? Lundy is a working farm with large numbers of ewes and lambs at certain times of the year. For this reason we cannot allow you to bring dogs or pets (except assistance dogs) when travelling to, or staying on, the island.

Is there phone reception on Lundy Island?

Lundy being an island, water supplies may be restricted at times and electricity will not usually be available after midnight. There are no televisions, radios or telephones in the properties. There is intermittent mobile phone signal on Lundy but there is a pay phone in The Marisco Tavern.