How far behind the downrigger should the lure be?

For trout, you’ll want to run your offering from 50 to 200 feet behind the downrigger weight depending on the depth you are fishing. The deeper you fish the shorter your line can be. When kokanee and kings are the target you can shorten your lines considerably.

How do you set up a downrigger for salmon fishing?

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What size weight should I use on my downrigger?

Six to eight pounds is typical for most moderate depth freshwater applications and ten pounds is typical for saltwater. (see Weight Table). The amount of weight needed on a downrigger is a function of the speed you are trolling and the depth you are fishing.

What fish do you catch with downriggers?

Downriggers are designed for trolling, and they can be used to catch a huge variety of freshwater and saltwater fish. Some of the most popular species to catch include lake trout, steelhead, brown trout, kingfish, chinook, coho, walleye, and striped bass.

What can I use instead of a downrigger?

You can add lead weights to the line or use a diving device. In both cases, the weight or diver is attached to the main line with the lure or bait tied to the terminal end using a leader that is lighter than the main line. As you let out more line, your gear will descend to the desired depth.

Can you troll without a downrigger?

Getting your lure to the depth of the fish is best done with the aid of a downrigger. Manual downriggers can be purchased for less than $100, but you can troll successfully without them.

Where should downriggers be mounted?

How many lines should a downrigger have?

It makes it easy to repeatedly place baits at the same depth, or to accurately change depths as needed. With a downrigger near the stern on both the port and starboard sides of the boat, anglers can fish two lines or stack two lines per downrigger and fish four lines.

How deep can you fish a downrigger?

A downrigger weight of eight pounds is adequate for fishing depths up to about 50 feet and speeds approaching 2.5 MPH.

Why use a snubber on a downrigger?

This is to absorb the shock of your downrigger weight on the boom. Furthermore, this snubber is ideal for connection between your downrigger cable and downrigger ball.

How do you use the poor man’s downrigger?

What is blowback on a downrigger?

Blowback is the angle or horizontal distance between your downrigger weight and your downrigger. It is created by the resistance of the water to the downrigger weight and line as you pull it through the water behind your boat.

How do you run two lines on a downrigger?

Do you need a line counter reel with a downrigger?

They’re not line counters (they do not have a high speed retrieve either) but if you’re using downriggers it isn’t necessary. Not that line counters are needed for fishing down there (B-10) anyhow, they aren’t.

Can you use braided line for downriggers?

The use of braided downrigger line helps combat electrolysis around your fishing gear and outlasts stainless steel cable.

What is the difference between a trolling rod and a downrigger rod?

Usually rigger rods are longer so you can “load” them while running & take up a little more slack on the release . Trolling rods tend to be a little shorter , & some a little geared towards lighter line . Shorter length can be an advantage in the wind also .