How do you join two pieces of fishing line together?

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How do you splice braided fishing line?

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Does a splice weaken rope?


Knots can significantly decrease a ropes strength while, in most cases, splicing maintains 100% of the specified rope strength. Splice terminations are used in all our ropes to determine new and unused tensile strengths.

How do you join two braided lines together?

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Should Drag be tight when spooling?

Tightening the drag makes it harder for the fish to run and take line, while having a loose drag makes it easier. If the drag is set to loose, line will easily spool off the reel, and fighting the fish is inefficient. When the drag is set too tight, the line can’t go out fast enough, resulting in breaking off.

When should you not use braided fishing line?

While braid lines’ taut pressure is useful for wearing out smaller game, their lack of stretch makes them far less ideal for fighting bigger game like tuna or swordfish. If you’re trying to catch a bite that’s upward of 600-1,000 pounds, their strength can easily rip the line in two, damaging both the rig and the fish.

Does the color of braided line matter?

The TRUTH is…braided line color does not really matter! It is more of a visual reference for anglers to locate their baits and know where their lines are.

What are the disadvantages of braided line?

There are some minor drawbacks (they’re more expensive, harder to cut, may produce wind knots, and are prone to rod-tip fouling), and types of fishing where other lines are more appropriate.

Should braided line have a leader?

A braided line is rarely used without a leader. Despite its high breaking strength and low diameter (two features that make it ideal for targeting large species and fishing strong currents), it is very unlikely to find a fisherman using a straight braided line without adding a leader at the end of it.

How strong is 10lb braided fishing line?

10-lb Braid Strength. After several knot strength tests, the FG knot tied to 20lb leader using 5lb braid held up to 11lbs of pressure. This is plenty of pulling structure to handle fish on the flats or open water. On the other hand, 10lb braid tied with 20lb leader held up to 20lbs of pressure.

What color braid line is best?

Should your leader be heavier than your line?

A leader is a length of monofilament line tied to the end of the main line that is on your fishing reel. It can be a metre long if you fish for bream and whiting or it can be 6 or 7 metres long if you gamefish. It can be lighter than your main line or it can be much heavier than your main line.

Do knots weaken leader line?

If you do any sort of casting your leader or tippet will eventually fall victim to a wind knot that will weaken your line. If you’ve ever lost a fish because your leader snapped at a wind knot, we know the feeling.