Does Tulum have good scuba diving?

Tulum is arguably one of the best places in the world to scuba dive because it has both incredible cenotes and the Mesoamerican Reef (the second largest after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef).

Where in Mexico has the best scuba diving?

  • Isla Guadalupe – Thrilling Great White Shark Encounters at Guadalupe Island.
  • Northern Sea of Cortez – Huge Diversity of Unique Marine Life.
  • La Paz – Pelagics Galore.
  • Cabo San Lucas & Cabo Pulmo – Diving and Snorkeling for Everyone.
  • Chinchorro Banks – Unexplored Reef in Pristine Condition.

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What should you never do while scuba diving?

Never hold your breath while ascending. Your ascent should be slow and your breathing should be normal. Never panic under water. If you become confused or afraid during a dive, stop, try to relax, and think through the problem.

Where is the clearest water for scuba diving?

Diving in the Clearest Waters on Earth
  • Blue lake nelson, New Zealand. The Blue Lake in New Zealand is officially the world’s clearest lake with a clarity of up to 80 metres – that’s as clear as distilled bottled water.
  • Crater lake, Oregon.
  • Cenotes, Mexico.
  • Linapacan island.
  • The Maldives.
  • Cayman islands.

What is the diving like in Cancun?

Diving in Cancun is possible all year. For uncrowded dive sites and whale shark encounters at Isla Mujeres, book your trip between May-November. Water temperatures remain constant (78-82°F/25-28°C) and cool slightly during the winter months, meaning it’s possible to dive approximately 300 days each year.

Is scuba diving in Mexico good?

You can find good diving in Mexico no matter what time of year. The Caribbean is diveable year-round. When conditions are sub-optimal, head to a cenote for staggering 100m visibility and consistently warm water (78˚F/26˚C). Bull shark season is November to May.

Is Cancun underwater museum worth it?

Whether you are traveling with your family or just crossing scuba diving off your bucket list, the Cancun Underwater Museum is a must-visit! Mexico’s Caribbean coastline has long attracted visitors from around the world. Come experience this unique and beautiful display of underwater art for yourself.

Can you brush your teeth with water in Cancun Resort?

Although there will be some bacteria in the water from the tap it is fine to brush your teeth with, even if you are at a place where you can’t drink the tap water.

Where is the prettiest water in Cancun?

Playa Maroma (Maroma Beach), located at around km 55 of the Cancun-Chetumal Highway in the Riviera Maya, is considered by many to be one of the best beaches in the world due to its size, the incredible blue color of the water and amazing snorkeling right off shore.

Can you swim with sea turtles in Cancun?

Yes, and there’s no need to spend a whole day to swim with turtles in Cancun! There are some other few places to snorkel with turtles in Cancun and Riviera Maya. For example, it’s usual to swim with turtles in Akumal, however, you spend more time in transportation than actually swimming with them.

Where can I swim with turtles in Tulum?

Swim with Turtles

Akumal is located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, it has one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Romantic for adults and fun for children, it is an incredibly beautiful beach, it is like a postcard of the beach of your dreams.

Do turtles live in cenotes?

The Grand Cenote is a wonderful place to explore Mexico’s Underground fresh water & all that live in these limestone underwater caves Turtles and fish swim freely as you enjoy the cooling waters and explore the cave. Many Cenotes in Mexico and if possible see as many as you can, you won’t be disappointed.

Are there alligators in Tulum cenotes?

If you’ve visited Tulum, Playa del Carmen or one of the surrounding areas, you’ve probably visited a cenote. But, have you ever wondered if there were any crocodiles in the cenotes? Well, the answer is: yep, crocodiles can be found in some of the cenotes.

Do crocodiles swim in cenotes?

In cenotes, there’s no current so you don’t have to worry about rip-tides, waves, or boats while you swim. There are also no predators like sharks, large crocodiles, or even fish.