Does C.J. sell fish for more?

For those looking to earn some extra Bells, trading your fish to C.J. will result in him paying you 150% more for your fish than Timmy and Tommy.

Does C.J. buy fish from visitors?

Unfortunately the visitors cannot sell to your CJ and Flick, even if they have met them before on their own island.

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Is it better to sell to CJ or Nook?

Should I Sell Fish to CJ? Yes, assuming you have no other use for them or were going to sell them anyway. CJ buys fish at a 50% increased price over the Nooks, so that a big coelacanth worth 15,000 bells will sell for 22,500 if you give it to CJ.

How much will CJ pay for a great white shark?

15,000 22,500

How does fish get to the supermarket?

Who buys fish in black desert?

There are two types of NPC’s that buy fish. Trade managers and Imperial fish traders. The trade managers accept all type of fish, while the imperial fish traders only accept certain blue and yellow grade fish.

Who buys fish in Sea of Thieves?

Selling Fish

Fish are sold to members of one of Sea of Thieves’ trading companies: Hunter’s Call. They do not appear at ports like most shops, so don’t go hunting for a Hunter’s Call trader in any of the main hubs. Instead, look for small docks jutting out from rocky clusters throughout the map.

How do I sell fish for money?

The easiest, most hassle-free way to sell fish is to go to your local fish store. (Most big brand pet stores won’t buy fish from local breeders because they already have contracts with large fish farms.)

How do you price a fish?

Can I sell my fish to Petsmart?

No Petsmart will not buy your unwanted fish. If you’re a local breeder looking to sell your stock, you’d have much better luck selling online or to a local fish store. Usually you can call ahead to privately owned aquarium stores and discuss with them their requirements for doing so.

What to do with fish I dont want?

Several alternatives exist for getting rid of an unwanted fish. Individuals should consider returning it to a local pet shop for resale or trade, or giving it to another hobbyist including an aquarium in a professional office, museum, school, nursing home or to a public aquarium or zoological park.

Does PetSmart give store credit for fish?

You can return any unwanted fish to PetSmart. As long as you are returning the fish within 14 days of the purchase date, you can exchange it for a different fish, get a store credit, or even get a refund.

Can you sell fish on Facebook?

Animal for sale: Selling animals isn’t allowed on Marketplace or buy and sell groups.

What app can I sell fish on?

Sell Fish On the Go

So, we’ve created the Ecwid Mobile App (available on the App Store and Google Play), which allows you to sell your fish online and run your business from the palm of your hand. Manage orders, add new fish, modify inventory, accept payments, and more from a single control panel.

How can I sell my fish online?

Steps for selling fish online
  1. First of all, determine what all will you be selling.
  2. Make sure you have a proper process for packing your products and also ensure proper storage.
  3. According to your convenience, choose the platform where you would sell.
  4. Do the promotion right.

What is the best fish to sell?

Best Selling Tropical Fish for Beginning Aquarists
  • Redtail Sharks. These small sharks feature black bodies with bright red tails.
  • Catfish. These cool bottom-feeders have calm temperaments and long lifespans that make them an aquarium must have.
  • Swordtails.
  • Zebra Danio.
  • Cichlids.